Top 5 Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch After Your Exams


There are some shows that you realise you can’t stop watching.

You spend every second from the moment you wake up to when it’s time to sleep. Sometimes you even dream about the characters in the show.

You just want to talk about the show and discuss all the twists and turns that had happened in the show to someone.

When the show ends… you feel empty and you ask yourself “OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW” and you are almost CONVINCED that there are no other shows out there that is as good as the one that you just finished.

And that’s the mark of a good Netflix show. 

The safest time to start on a new show is always after your exams. You can dismiss the fear that every student studying for exams have: Accidentally wasting the entire day watching Netflix.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 shows to binge-watch after your exams.


1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Everyone has heard of this show. But have you seen it?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine covers the hilarious adventures of the detectives in the New York Police Department’s ninety-nine precinct. It follows the lives of Jake Peralta (Adam Samberg) and the squad as they fight for justice.

Image: TV Insider

Trust me. The synopsis might sound boring, but WOW this show is ABSOLUTELY hilarious and will leave you hooked and craving for more.

Not only is the show funny, but it also deals with issues that need attention. For example issues like sexism and racial profiling are discussed with elegance and style.


2. Lucifer 

Lucifer? You mean like the devil in the bible Lucifer? Yes and yes.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) got bored and decided to take a break from Hell by moving to Los Angeles, where he meets LAPD detective, Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Together, they team up and take on cases and solve some of LA’s most disturbing crimes.

From the synopsis, you probably can’t tell that this show is more than just the devil being on Earth and solving crimes. I can’t say much without giving away spoilers, but just know that it is worth watching.

Besides, with the main lead being played by Tom Ellis, is there really a reason not to watch?

Image: Tenor

3. Jane the Virgin 

No, it is not just a story about a virgin trying not to lose her virginity with all the attractive men in her life.

Jane the Virgin follows the life of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a 23-year-old virgin who accidentally gets artificially inseminated during a routine checkup.

Image: The Wrap

Don’t be fooled by the simple synopsis. It brings you through twists after twists with the right amount of drama right from episode 1. You would be surprised by who the father of the baby is. Or who her doctor is.

It also showcases excellent mother-daughter relationships with all three generations of Villanueva women living under the same roof. You will come to realise that despite all the disagreements and quarrels, they will always make sure that they are there for each other.

Image: Jane the Virgin Wiki Fandom

4. Modern Family

This comedy offers a mockumentary view into the hilarious and fun-loving life of three unique families.


The show is an excellent embodiment of what today’s “modern” family looks like. I would say that the best part of the show is that you get to look at the actors grow throughout the seasons.


5.  The Good Place 

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), an ordinary woman, who has done many bad deeds in her life, dies an unfortunate death and miraculously enters “The Good Place” where she realised that she has been mistaken for someone else and has been wrongly placed in the Afterlife.

Not only is the cast of the show incredible, but the show also teaches you a thing or two about philosophy and life.

Also…stay till the end for the twists and the turns and you will be especially surprised by the last twist in the show. You can thank me later.

Image: PopBuzz

Now, what are you waiting for? Add these shows to your list on Netflix now and you will be busy for the rest of your holiday!

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