Top 3 weird songs that are strangely catchy and addictive


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Many musicians slog through years of hard work, setbacks and failed attempts. Most languish in relative obscurity, despite consistently producing “good” music. Somehow, many “low-quality”, mashed-up songs see the light of day instead. Their humour, weirdness or catchy tune contribute to their popularity. Here are three of them.

Wang Rong Rollin – Chick Chick
Recently, I was asked to check out this song. After hearing it through, I was ready to dismiss it quickly as a “weird song”. And then, I realised, “goodness me, this is catchy“. The lyrics make absolutely no sense, the video does nothing to clarify them and the graphics are at best, amateur and sketchy.

I actually feel bad for the people who have to dance around in this video (thank goodness they wear masks). I can just feel the whole of humanity and the great musicians who have come before us groan at the cheesiness and tackiness of this song by Wang Rong Rollin. In an interview, the singer-composer claimed that she was inspired to create this song after a dream she had of kittens, chickens and ducklings. Check it out for yourself.

Avocado song
I embarked on a search for more head-scratching songs with catchy tunes. One of my personal favourites is this Avocado song (which is much cuter/bearable than the Chick Chick song). You will soon find yourself quietly mouthing the words to the song.

Bed Intruder Song
And finally, one of the best “accidental” songs– the Bed Intruder Song. The Gregory Brothers auto-tuned a man’s rant on a news channel discussing an attempted rape on his sister. The song is really weird (I mean, I have come to realise that some musicians are really quite free/bo liao), but has memorable lyrics and a catchy tune “hide yo kids, hide yo wife”. The Gregory Brothers are well-known for auto-tuning the news, and they even have a “Songify the News” series (which was previously known as “Auto-Tune the News“.