Toss a Big Yu Sheng at The Seletar Mall This CNY & Walk Away With Awesome Prizes

Chinese New Year is coming, in a couple of days time, to be exact.

And everywhere you turn in Singapore, you’ll see pig lanterns, pig plushies and all sorts of CNY festivities set up.

Now, in the northeast of Singapore lies a mall that loves taking things to the next level.

Image: Facebook (The Seletar Mall)

Just like previous times, The Seletar Mall is ready to upsize your CNY festivities.

Literally. And when I said upsize, I really mean upsize.

I mean, just look at the size of their Yu Sheng.


Now, when it comes to Chinese New Year, there’s plenty of things that need to be done.

Like shopping for new clothes. Spring cleaning your entire home. Buying CNY goodies and drinks to entertain guests when they’re visiting your home.

Which means, spending money.

Now, instead of going home with just your loot, how about spending money on things you need to buy, take part in a fun activity and bring home your loot and stuff you’ve won?

Sounds too good to be true? But it’s true, at least this time.

The Seletar Mall Grand Prosperity Toss 

From now until 10 Feb 2019, shop at The Seletar Mall for all your Chinese New Year essentials and you’ll get to take part in The Seletar Mall Grand Prosperity Toss.

All you have to do is to have a minimum spend of $38 in a single receipt in order to take part in the challenges.

Three Challenges To Get The Ingredients For A Prosperous New Year

Challenge one: 年年有余 (Fishing)

When it comes to Chinese New Year, one Chinese belief is to have fish of some sort to signify prosperity in the new year.

For this challenge, you’ll have to use the rod provided to catch a fish from the pond.

You might be thinking, fishing is boring. But add in sabotage attempt by your friends and you’re looking at a fun activity you wish will never end.

Catch three fishes, then choose a fish to keep while releasing the rest back into the pond.

Challenge two: 风生水起 (Yu Sheng)

This big yu sheng is filled with everything you’ve seen in normal yu sheng.

Your challenge is to pick up an item off the yu sheng with a pair of upsized chopsticks. You’re only allowed to use one hand to handle the chopsticks, and let me tell you, your fingers will cramp up like nobody’s business when you’re done.

Each of the items is worth a certain amount of points.

The same thing, choose one to put into your basket.

Challenge three: 大吉大利 (Plucking mandarin oranges)

Come face-to-face with a veritable crowd of mandarin orange on a tree, this isn’t just a game of height. Your luck matters too.

Pluck a mandarin orange and flip it over to check out the points that you have.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a maximum of 3 points. If not, well, you’ll just get 1.

Like I said, are you feeling lucky today, punk?

So then, you ask, what are the points used for?

Stand to Win Prizes According To The Number of Points You’ve Earned

So, if you’ve read carefully, every activity will allow you to earn up to a maximum of three points each.

And depending on the number of points obtained, you’ll win prizes from different tiers.

Prizes include SPH Mall vouchers, Hello Kitty fans, trolley bags, thermal lunchbox, chips and more!

As I’ve said, spend the same amount but walk home with more things than you’d normally get.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Here, we’ve even done up a video on the event. You can watch it below:

So what are you waiting for? Go TSM, buy all you need for CNY and have a little extra fun right at the very end.

Plus, Take Part in Their Fortune Draw

From 11 Jan to 11 Feb, spend a minimum of $88 (maximum combination of three same-day receipts) or $128 (if any of the receipts belong to FairPrice Finest) to redeem a lucky draw chance in The Seletar Mall’s Fortune Draw.

And the Fortune Draw has exciting prizes, including SPH Malls vouchers, just waiting for you to grab.

So what are you waiting for? Time to go The Seletar Mall liao!

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with The Seletar Mall

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