Tourists Got Slammed Online For Splashing Holy Water On Buttocks In Bali

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Sometimes, due to the differences in cultural practices, tourists can inadvertently offend the natives of the country they’re visiting.

Like, you know, saying that chicken rice is from Johor when it’s obviously from Yishun.

Other times, tourists are just dicks.

Bless my buttocks, please

On Aug 9, influencer and fitness model Sabina Dolezalova posted a video on Instagram of her visit to the Beji Temple in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

The temple is a popular tourist destination in Bali.

The video begins with Dolezalova and her fellow male fitness model, Zdenek Slouka, standing in front of a fountain of holy water.

Dolezalova then bends over in front of the fountain and lifted her skirt as Slouka splashes some of the holy water from the fountain onto her buttocks.

Image: Instagram (niluhdjelantik)

Why would they do such a thing?


Unless Dolezalova had a particularly sinful bottom, the act was likely an attempt to go viral.

Well, viral they went.


Understandably, many Indonesians were maddened by the actions of the influencers and expressed their anger online.

Some netizens called the duo’s actions “disgraceful” and “disgusting”, while others called for the couple to be banned from visiting Bali.

The desecration of anything religiously or culturally significant is abhorrent, so one can understand the strong and negative reaction.


The couple quickly posted an apology video the next day in response to the backlash.

Dolezalova and Slouka said they were “truly sorry” for their behaviour and claimed they only did what they did because they were ignorant of the temple’s cultural significance.

But were they really unaware?

Some questioned the sincerity of the duo’s apology, claiming they knew exactly what they were doing.

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It’s hard to accept the excuse of “cultural ignorance” when most people understand the sanctity attached to religious buildings like temples, churches, and mosques.

I mean, have you ever thought of flashing your ass in a religious place, let alone splashing holy water on it?

Personal apology and donation

The couple from the Czech Republic did do more to make amends for their offensive behaviour, though.

The duo met up with officials from the Gianyar police, a regency in Bali to personally apologize for their actions.

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Turis Asing Diduga Melakukan Pelecehan di Tempat Suci Akhirnya Minta Maaf ============================================= Bertempat Kantor LPD Desa Adat Padangtegal, Kel/Kec. Ubud, Kab. Gianyar telah dilakukan pertemuan antara orang asing (OA) Keb. Checo an. IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap tempat suci/Pura Beji di kawasan Obyek Wisata Monkey Forest Ubud dengan Prajuru Desa Adat Padang Tegal Ubud dan seluruh anggota Kerta Desa Padang Tegal. Minggu (11/8/19 ) pkl 23.00. wita Kejadian ini berawal dari viralnya di media sosial instagram (IG) yang diunggah oleh pemilik akun Sabina Dolezalova (@sabina_dolezalova_ifbb) dengan memperlihatkan video yang laki-laki mencipratkan air pancoran yang berada di Pura Beji Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud kepantat pasangan prempuanya. Dalam pertemuan tersebut kedua orang asing (IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA) yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan tempat suci dikawasan Monkey Forest Ubud dihadapan seluruh Prajuru Adat Padangtegal telah menyampaikan permintaan maaf dan tidak ada maksud untuk melecehkan pura yang berada di Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud tersebut karena dirinya tidak mengetahui/tidak tahu bahwa tempat tersebut merupakan tempat suci dan dirinya akan mengklarifikasi video yang sempat viral di medsos (IG) melalui perkataan permintaan maaf kepada Prajuru Adat Padangtegal dan seluruh masyarakat. Bendesa Adat Padangtegal I Made Gandra ST menyampaikan " dengan adanya permintaan maaf oleh kedua orang asing (IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA) yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap tempat suci dikawasan Monkey Forest Ubud tersebut dengan secara lansung kepada semua masyarakat Padang Tegal Ubud bahwa Prajuru Adat Padangtegal maupun warga Padangtegal menerima permintaan maaf dari kedua orang asing tersebut dan dari pihak Desa adat Padangtegal tidak akan mempermasalahkan dimana permaslahan sudah dianggap selesai " jelasnya " Pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2019 pkl 12.00 wita Desa Adat Padangtegal akan melaksanakan upacara Guru Piduka yang di hadiri oleh para juru serta masyarakat dan pihak OA tersebut " tambah Bendesa Adat Padang Tegal I Made Gandra ST. @infogianyar_ @punapibali

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Dolezalova also reportedly made a financial donation to the village that houses the temple to express her regret.

Harsher stance

Following the incident, the local government claims it will be harsher on future misbehaving tourists.


According to Coconuts, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster yesterday said tourists who are disrespectful of the island’s holy places would be “sent back home.”

While the Governor advised tourists to be more culturally aware, he also said that Balinese officials and residents have a role to play.

“They shouldn’t think merely on the basis of income, and then allow tourists to engage in disrespectful behaviour,”.

But we can’t just rely on the natives. If you’re visiting a country, you should learn a little about their cultural practices and differences to avoid offending the locals.

Making a little effort here can go a long way in preventing cross-cultural conflicts.

Also, I didn’t think I would have to say this, but if you’re visiting any holy water fountains abroad in the future, please, do not use it to wash your ass.


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