Local Crocheter Sells Out Handmade Covers For TraceTogether Tokens

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In need of a way to remember to bring your TraceTogether token with you wherever you go? 

Look no further! A local crocheter is selling handmade covers for your TraceTogether tokens in absolutely adorable designs.

These eye-catching covers will definitely serve as a prompt reminder to take your token with you before heading out the door. 

Unfortunately, as of writing, these covers are all sold out, their popularity no doubt thanks to their cute appearance and attractive design. 

Here are the details, and be sure to check back often in case of a restock if you didn’t manage to get one. 

Do also check out the other equally lovely items still available for sale at the store!

Local Crocheter Sells Out Handmade Covers For TraceTogether Tokens

Local self-taught crocheter Leane revealed three sets of designs for her token covers on Sunday (30 May). 

Leane is the owner of the Etsy shop craftsbyleane, which sells handmade crocheted crafts. 

One of the three sets was specially designed to resemble sushi, offering three types: salmon sashimi, ebi and tamago. 

The cover comes with a loop that secures the token snugly in its place, and also allows the token to be hung as a keychain. 

In addition, the covers have a small opening on the back, enabling the QR code of the token to be scanned easily without having to remove the cover—a thoughtful little detail for added convenience. 

Each sushi token cover is priced at S$18.90, and comes in three models to accommodate the different sizes of the tokens: regular, slim and mini. 

Two other designs were also revealed, including a two-tone design going for S$12.90 per cover and a single-colour design. 

The colours of the covers are also customisable, so you can pick and choose colours according to your preference. 

However, last we checked, all of her token covers are sold out on her Etsy shop. 

It’s easy to see why, as the lovely designs are simply too cute to resist. 


However, before you get too disappointed, there are other crocheted items still available, such as cardholders, scrunchies and face masks, so be sure to check them out while stocks last.

AirPods Case Being Used as TraceTogether Token Cover 

Soft crocheted covers aren’t the only way to keep your TraceTogether Token snug and warm. 

People are also using the first-generation silicone AirPods cases as covers for their tokens, and they’re holding up surprisingly well, making for a pretty cosy fit. 

But unlike the crocheted covers, the AirPods casing covers the QR code on the back of the tokens, which might cause some inconvenience during scanning. 

You can read more about it here.

Featured Image: Instagram (craftsbyleane)

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