Trailer of Highly Anticipated Movie Crazy Rich Asians is Just Too Lit


If you’ve not heard of Crazy Rich Asians, I won’t blame you.

But if you didn’t watch the trailer (and the movie), I might just blame you, because the movie is just too lit.

Here’s a background: the movie is based on the bestselling novel, Crazy Rich Asians, published in 2013. It tells a story of a rich man (super rich, in fact) bringing his down-to-earth girlfriend to meet his parents in Singapore.

Yeah, Singapore. Now you know why it’s so lit: it’s a Hollywood movie based in Singapore.

Despite its relationship with Singapore, the main lead is played by a Malaysian actor (Henry Golding), while the lead actress by an American actress (Constance Wu). However, a number of Singaporean actors and actresses are involved, including (but not limited to) Pierre Png and Fiona Xie.

Fresh from Star Trek Discovery Michelle Yeoh is also playing an important role.

By now, you should see why you should watch it: it’s a movie with mostly Asian cast in a Hollywood movie.

And it’s set Singapore (have I mentioned that before?).

This movie might just cause less people around the world ask this question: “So, which part of China is Singapore in?”

Here, take a look at the trailer. We didn’t know Singapore looks so good in Hollywood!

Is it just me, or do you feel motivated to make more money after watching it? #justsaying

The movie is set to be released in August this year.

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