Train to Busan is Going to Have a Hollywood Remake; Here’s What You Must Know


Did you watch the 2016 South Korean box office hit Train to Busan? Can you still remember the vivid expressions of the zombies clambering after the only few uninfected humans? 

If you can’t get enough of it, don’t worry, now you have something to look forward to.

Remember Train to Busan?

It was officially known as a zombie apocalypse horror/thriller film but I’m sure that the touching moments wrenched our tears dry too. 

It is a movie with a simple premise: uninfected humans were trying to make their escape from infected zombies and the only way the survivors could do so was via a train heading towards Busan, a safe zone. 

In the midst of watching scary zombies pop up in your face, we also see the human loyalty, friendship and kinship playing out through the span of the movie. I’m sure there were also plenty of lessons to take away from the movie itself.

With that said, some hardcore fans may have been pining for a second instalment of the movie. While that may be difficult, it seems that fans will have to make do with a remake of the film instead.

The Hollywood Version

Although there was several production companies trying to get their hands on the original film’s rights, French production company Gaumont beat the rest and won the remake rights. 

Since the Cannes festival, Gaumont has been doing their best in getting the rights to remake the film into English as their very first attempt at English-language film production in Los Angeles. 

However, it does seem like some time before we can see the production as details regarding the remake’s production and cast is still underway and are not announced.

Meanwhile, maybe you can think of your own perfect cast for this zombie flick!

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