Genting Highlands Having an Indoor Entertainment Hub With Water Park, Roller Coaster Rides & More

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This new indoor entertainment hub will move Genting Highlands to the top of your list of favourite vacation spots.

A 40-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Tropicana Windcity is already attracting attention even without an official opening date (yet).

Retail, Recreational and Residential Oasis

Tropicana Windcity will be a “holistic retail, recreational and residential oasis”, according to Yahoo! News. From their website, it seems like the 596-acre property will have three developments: Tropicana Grandhill, Tropicana Paradise, and Tropicana Avalon. The entire place will be surrounded by greenery.

Image: Tropicana Windcity

Here’s what attractions this destination will offer.

Indoor Water Theme Park

Ever wanted a beach day, only for the heavens to laugh at you and make it rain?

That wouldn’t be an issue at Tropicana Windcity’s indoor water park, where you can have the perfect beach day regardless of the weather.

From the artists’ impressions, it seems like you can even surf in the water park, which is pretty cool.

Image: Facebook (Travel Rookie)

If you’re a fan of marine life, you can watch the fishes glide all around you in their indoor aquarium. One might think that this is our S.E.A. Aquarium!

Image: Facebook (Travel Rookie)

And if you’re ever hungry, grab a bite at the aquarium restaurant, where you can eat while watching fishes swim at your side.

Image: Facebook (Travel Rookie)

Cable Cars, Rollercoasters, Or Walk Amongst Greenery

Want to get from one end of the place to the other? Cable cars are the new favourite mode of transportation in Tropicana Windcity.

Image: Facebook (Travel Rookie)

Or, if you prefer a faster way of travelling in the air, how about hopping on for a rollercoaster ride?

Image: Says Malaysia

For those of us who prefer our feet on the ground, you can trek through the jungle, complete an outdoor rope course, or just take a good old stroll through their illuminated gardens.

Image: Says Malaysia
Image: Facebook (Travel Rookie)

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Tropicana Grandhill: Live in the Highlands

Sick of city life? Take an escape into the highlands, where you can live amongst the trees. Just sitting on these lounge chairs and looking at the greenery will make all your stress melt away.

Image: Places Malaysia

Alternatively, take a nice swim in the pool, then lounge on the recliners with a good book. Perfect.

Image: Places Malaysia

Have a fancy dinner while watching the sunset, or dine in the more casual settings available.

Image: Facebook (Travel Rookie)
Image: Says Malaysia

This 112-acre township doesn’t only have serviced residences, but even an international school and medical/wellness centres.


There isn’t an official opening date for Tropicana Windcity yet, but it is surely a destination to keep a lookout for.

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