Truck Driver Left Honest Note After Knocking off Radio DJ’s Car Side Mirror; Eventually BMW Offered to Repair for Free

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We are all familiar with a certain axe-related fable that teaches honesty. Growing up, I would revisit the tale occasionally to ponder upon the untold consequences had the woodcutter been dishonest.

So, when a man picked up a stray iPhone and ended up with fines three times the device’s price last month, he solved my lifelong puzzle. In addition, he affirmed that it’s worth revising the classics from time to time.

As it turns out, the narrative continues to hold up nicely when similar events are replicated in modern days.

The virtue of honesty is truly a rewarding one, quite literally.

Radio DJ’s Car Was Hit and the Driver Owned Up to His Mistake

Last Thursday (Oct 1), Kiss 92FM DJ Maddy Barber returned to her car, only to find that one of the side mirrors had been knocked cleanly off.

Image: Instagram (@maddybarber)

She was understandably annoyed at first. But, the anger dissipated when she discovered a note left on the vehicle – an earnest handwritten apology by Mr Wang Yaowen.

Mr Wang is a truck driver from mainland China. He just started work at the job, which is needed to support his family back home.

Despite the potential financial burden, Mr Wang readily owned up to his mistake by including his mobile number on the note.

Image: Facebook (Kiss92)

Trade-Up Project

After contacting him and learning of the circumstances, Ms Barber felt sympathetic and promptly waived the compensation fees.

“There was so much sincerity, goodness and honesty in his voice. Mr Wang took full responsibility for the accident and gave no excuses. I heard that he was new to Singapore, and I decided to let it go. I just couldn’t make him pay for the repairs,” Ms Barber said.

The gesture left Mr Wang in tears; his honesty had earned him redemption. But, that’s not all.

Ms Barber had decided to utilize her reach as a public figure to amplify the positivity of the incident. Inspired by a TikTok challenge, she and her co-hosts initiated a “trade-up project”.

The project invites listeners to swap items for her broken side mirror. Among submissions that vary from grocery vouchers to hugs and kisses, one stood out: a brand-new handmade teak wood desk set reportedly worth S$450.

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We made our very first trade this morning, all thanks to Jie Xiang from Papa's Vanture, who traded Maddy’s broken wing…

Posted by Kiss92 on Monday, 5 October 2020

The desk set now awaits more exciting trades as the project continues over the next few weeks. The final trade will be awarded to Mr Wang.

Who knows, maybe in the end, it’d be a new HDB flat.

BMW Offered Free Repairs

The goodwill Ms Barber extended eventually comes full circle when BMW offered to repair the damaged mirror for free.

“This project showed us that honesty pays. Mr Wang was let off the hook because he was apologetic and sincere. Maddy was surprised by BMW with the free repairs and we are learning that Kiss fans are the most generous people in the country,” said Mr Andre Hoeden, presenter and executive producer of Ms Barber’s radio show.

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