Trump-Kim Summit Could Earn Over $700 million of Publicity for S’pore: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (14 Jun)

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BBC might’ve made the mistake about the location of Singapore, but they won’t be the last one to do that.

Despite the fact that Americans are searching for the location of Singapore on Google, some Americans still don’t know where Singapore is.

But before that, let’s look at something good: the ROI of the summit.

Because, you know, money matters.

Trump-Kim Summit Might Cost S’pore $20m But Earns S’pore up to $700m In Return

When Singaporeans heard about how the government is spending $20 million on the Trump-Kim summit, they were disgusted.

Image: Mumbrella

I mean, the US and North Korea wanted to meet here. We didn’t even ask for it, yet we have to fork out $20 whopping million?!

I get it, but hey, in return, Singapore might just get back $150 million in advertising dollars.

According to experts, it was said that the media coverage by journalists worldwide can rake in as much as $150 million advertising dollars.

The fact that we’ve only paid $20 million for it? That’s a steal, worthy of a don’t say bojio.

Hoffman Agency general manager for Singapore Maureen Tseng said this, “You have two of the world’s most recognisable figures being filmed walking and driving through Singapore’s landmarks – and the massive publicity pre, during and post-event.”

In other words, Singapore became the product placement for every single news broadcast out there.

International audiences will find their curiosity level sky-rocketing, and this might result in Singapore becoming a holiday destination instead of a place you have to transit through.

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And this is just one opinion. In the Straits Times, the value of returns to Singapore can be as much as 35 times the initial investment, which is at an estimated $700 million return.

Lest you’re not aware, media value is very valuable. Some companies are willing to pay more for media value instead of advertising as the information is organic, therefore impartial.

US Department of State Puts S’pore in M’sia By Mistake

Take a look at the image below. Do you find anything weird about it?


Believe it or not, this was put up on the website of the US Department of State.

In the transcript for a briefing Mike Pompeo gave on Monday, it listed the venue as JW Marriott Singapore, Malaysia.

Let’s just say that our netizens aren’t impressed.


And it’s not just netizens, Malaysia’s The Star newspaper reported on the error with the title, How to offend Singaporeans and Malaysians at the same time.

And the wife of PM Lee as well.

The mistake has since been rectified by the US Department of State.

Dedicated Tau Sar Piah Sisters Wakes Up At 1 AM To Make Them Every Day For Past 46 Years

If you’re feeling sick and tired of working, and you’re in need of some motivation, the Loo sisters might just be the ones to bring it back to you.


Born in Malacca, Malaysia (see, we didn’t put Malacca, Singapore), the two sisters have been living and working in Singapore for the past five decades.

And every single day for the past 46 years, they wake up at 1 am and reach Loong Fatt Eatery at 2 am to make tau sar piah.

Every. Single. Morning.

They loved it so much that one of the sisters gave up all thoughts of getting married after they started working at the bakery.

Even though she is now wheelchair-bound due to a spinal condition, she continues working at the bakery, and help to do so until she is physically unable to.


S’porean Man Tells His Experience of Allegedly Being Locked Up in M’sia

Here’s a lesson to all of you out there. Before travelling out of Singapore, make sure you check on your passport’s expiry date.

Or you might just end up like him.

A man who goes by the name of Joshua Lee wrote about his experience of being detained by Malaysian custom in a Facebook post.

Now, before anything, just remember this: This is merely an account by him. Whether it’s true or not isn’t confirmed yet.

He claimed that he could not enter Malaysia because his passport expires in less than six months. The Malaysian immigration officers gave him the option of buying his own tickets home or getting the Malaysian authorities to book his tickets for him.

Unsurprisingly, he chose the latter. Pay for air tickets vs free air ticket? That’s a no-brainer, or so he thought.

After telling them to book the ticket for him, they called him into another room where there were two cells.

One for women and children, and the other for men. He claimed that during his stay in the lockup, the people were treated like animals.

People who had money to pay the officers were let go, while those who didn’t were kept locked up.

The whole place stank of ammonia and the ground within the cells were littered with food. People had to sleep on the cold hard ground and use their shoes as pillows.

Thankfully, his father allegedly got the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ help in resolving the matter one day after he stopped replying to messages.

In all, he claimed that he was detained for 26 hours, although it felt like 26 years to him.

SBS Transit Skidding Into Canal, Two Men Injured in the Accident


If you were at Bedok North Avenue 4 towards Changi South Lane yesterday (13 June), you might have come across this accident site.

An SBS Transit truck reportedlyskidded into a canal. Several guardrails along the side of the canal were mangled and scattered on the ground, presumedly showing the crash path of the vehicle.

A 59-year-old driver and a 29-year-old passenger were brought to Changi General Hospital.

SBS Transit spokesperson, Ms Tammy Tan said that the company is currently investigating the incident. That and they’re glad that no one else was injured in the accident.

In case you didn’t know, even if you’re walking on the pathways, don’t just look at your handphone because accidents might still happen.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a light collision with a bicycle. If you’re not, you might just be knocked down by vehicles like this.

Man Poses As ‘Good Guy’, Then Molests Women

In Singapore, we don’t really do good things for others. Sometimes, because we can’t be bothered and sometimes, because we’re afraid the person might react otherwise.

Singaporeans, too, are not used to accepting kind gestures from others. We’re always thought that there are no free lunches in this world. If someone held out a hand to get you off the ground, you’d be wondering inside your mind.

What is the person holding in his other hand hidden behind the back?

Sad, but true. And it’s reinforced by people like Ang Ah Lak.

On 20 Nov, Ang met this 35-year-old woman who was receiving treatment for schizophrenia at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). He came across her when she was returning from a recovery group session.

He struck up a conversation with her and told her he could get her a job and arranged a meeting the very next day.

On the following day, he got her to follow him back to his house by pretending to have left something at home.

When the woman got uncomfortable with the situation, he threatened to tie her up and keep her in his house for three days. Then, he molested her.

The woman made a police report the next day. But that’s not all.

His second victim was an 18-year-old.

She was thrown out of her boyfriend’s house following an argument.

He told her he’ll house her for the night and brought her home.

Then, he locked her in and molested her. The victim, after hearing that he wants to have sexual intercourse with her, told him they can do so at her home.

When they were at the void deck of his flat, they met her boyfriend where she told him what happened.

He immediately fled and a police report was made.

On 13 June, Ang was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months jail after pleading guilty to three molestation charges.

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