Trump Reportedly Discussed About Re-election in 2024 Which Means He Has Finally Conceded Privately

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For a democracy to work, losers have to accept defeat and be gracious about their loss.

This helps their supporters accept the defeat as well, and legitimizes the election process.

Sadly for Americans, “democracy”, “defeat”, and “gracious” are words that cannot be found in Donald Trump’s dictionary.

Instead, he puts in terms like “bigly” and “covfefe”.

As most people in the world know, Trump has hitherto refused to accept the results of the 2020 US presidential election.

His opponent, Joe Biden, won by quite a large margin, even though two states are still counting votes.

Instead of making a concession speech and congratulating the winner, like previous unsuccessful presidential candidates have done, Trump has falsely claimed that the election was rigged, and fraudulent votes were cast.

As you can see, even Twitter was like bruh. 

He also claimed he won the election after Biden was projected to be the winner.

Now, however, there are signs that Trump may have accepted defeat, even if he hasn’t publicly admitted it.

Trump Reportedly Discussed About Re-election in 2024 Which Means He Has Finally Conceded Privately

President Trump has told advisers that he’s thinking about running for re-election in 2024, according to an Axios report.

This means he’s actually starting to accept the results of the election, despite continuing to insist that he is the real winner.

Under the US constitution, presidents can serve a maximum of two terms, but they need not be consecutive.


His fellow party member, Senator Lindsey Graham, said Trump should run for presidency again in 2024 if he loses his legal battles.

“I would encourage him to think about doing it,” Graham told Fox News.

According to the Evening Standard, both his wife Melania and son-in-law Jared Kushner have urged Trump to accept the outcome of the election.

Trump’s Popularity Presents Problems for Republican Party

Despite Trump’s bungled handling of the coronavirus and unpleasant character traits, over 72 million Americans voted for him.

Yes, for some unknown reason, Trump is incredibly popular with the American people.

This presents an obstacle for younger Republican candidates who intend to run in 2024, as Trump’s stronghold on most Republican voters means he would likely be their next presidential candidate.


As Axios noted, this could stifle the ambitions, fundraising, and staffing of other candidates in the party.

To Concede Defeat Would Require Public Admission

For Trump to run again in 2024, however, he would have to concede that he lost this election, which would require a public admission of defeat.

Till now, he’s been able to say he’s not lost yet because he’s still pursuing legal action.

But if he wants to run for re-election, he will have to throw that excuse out the window, borrow some graciousness and dignity from a friend, and admit to the world that he is a loser.

Those familiar with Trump will know that this seems about as likely as PM Lee announcing the shift to Phase 3 in a TikTok video.


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