Security Expert Claimed Trump’s Twitter Password Was ‘maga2020!’ & Used to be ‘yourefired’

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Usually, our passwords would hold something dear to our hearts or something we know.

However, President Trump created a password that is close to his heart…but also very publicly known.

Hacked (Again)

De Volkskrant newspaper reported that a Dutch researcher, Victor Gevers, has cracked the mystery of the POTUS’s Twitter password once again.

Victor Gevers claimed that he has complete access to Trump’s Twitter page and was able to control all the settings. He could also tweet on Trump’s behalf and change his profile as and when he likes.

He allegedly got in only on the 5th try and the password was apparently “maga2020!”.

Of course, that stands for his campaign slogan, Make America Great Again 2020.

Gevers also claims that Trump’s password was previously “yourefired” back in 2016.

The catch to this insane story is that he might not have hacked into the actual account. Twitter has released an official statement that they did not find any traces of anyone else using his account.

A Twitter spokesperson announced that they had “no evidence to corroborate this claim” and the app has specific measures to enhance protection of high-profile users, especially in politics.

Make America Great Again?

Now, if you did not already know, President Trump is ridiculously proud of his Twitter account and updates it more often than we update our Instagram stories. With 87.3 million followers and 57.4 thousand tweets, we are sure that he has spent a considerable amount of time on that app.

Earlier this year in May, The Washington Post has kindly calculated the amount of time President Trump has spent tweeting. Just writing and sending posts.

As of May 2020, Trump has already spent a grand total of 110 days and 13 hours on updating that app alone. From that amount of time, a significant part happened during office hours.

Yes, that’s right. He’s very hard at work, he claims. Must be difficult spending half a year of his time on his Twitter account.

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