George Floyd Protests So Serious, Trump Had to be Rushed to Underground Bunker

Remember when Trump said that Mexico will pay to build a wall?

Mexico hasn’t done that yet, but when you read news of the United States recently, you will not be shocked if Mexico and Canada actually started doing this:

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Lest you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the George Floyd protests I’m referring to. I mean, just look at this YouTube thumbnail.

It’s such a bigly news that the media even forgot about the historic NASA/SpaceX launch.

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Now, you may be thinking, “what does Trump got to do with police brutality?”. After all, although Trump is the leader of the United States, it’s not like Trump directly caused the entire incident.

You’re right. He didn’t cause it, and even seemed to agree that the George Floyd death is unjust.

In fact, he even talked to George Floyd’s brother. But…

George Floyd’s Brother Said Trump Didn’t Give Him Opportunities to Speak

Although the phone call between Trump and Philonise Floyd (George Floyd’s brother) did happen, Floyd told MSNBC, “He didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak.

“It was hard. I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept, like, pushing me off, like ‘I don’t want to hear what you’re talking about.’

“And I just told him, I want justice. I said that I couldn’t believe that they committed a modern-day lynching in broad daylight.”

Floyd had also talked to previous Vice-President Biden, the guy whom Trump would be facing in the upcoming election.

“I asked Vice-President Biden – I never had to beg a man before – but I asked him, could he please, please get justice for my brother.

“I need it. I do not want to see him on a shirt just like the other guys. Nobody deserved that. Black folk don’t deserve that. We’re all dying.

“Black lives matter.”

And if Trump’s handling of the call wasn’t good enough, Trump’s words on Twitter sure didn’t help.

Poor Choice of Words From Trump

Trump was said to be “very upset when he saw that video,” according to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “He wants justice to be served.”

Except, the POTUS called the protestors “Thugs” and also said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” in the same tweet.

This tweet was flagged by Twitter for “glorifying violence”.


What Trump should have done or said remains another topic for debate, but escalating protests have brought it all the way to the White House in a call for leadership on Friday (29 May 2020).

Trump Escorted by Secret Service Agents To Underground Bunker

In response to the protest, Secret Service agents had rushed the POTUS to an underground bunker previously used during terrorist attacks.

The Trumps have been rattled by the protests that turned violent three nights in a row, but officials say they were never really in danger.

By violent, I mean that bricks and bottles were thrown, and the police responded with pepper spray.

A dumpster and a sport-utility vehicle were set on fire, and glass windows shattered at Washington icons like the Hay Adams Hotel and the Oval Room restaurant.


Protestors chanted “No justice, no peace” and “black lives matter”, and police lines were reinforced with camouflage-wearing troops.

A graffiti on the Decatur House could be seen with the message, “Why do we have to keep telling you black lives matter?”

In other words, shit really hit the fan here.

And by about 3.30 am, Saturday morning (30 May 2020), the protest seemed to have mostly quieted down.


White House officials were told not to come in on Monday in case of renewed unrests.

Do note that their Monday is probably our Tuesday.

Which definitely seems to be happening as more news articles about the protests pop out about every 10 minutes as I’m writing this article.

The Tweets Continue

What’s going to happen to calm the protestors down and solve police brutality still remains a mystery.

But if there’s one thing that will remain constant, it’s Trump’s tweets.

Let’s just say that the continuation of tweets didn’t make much sense, including one that applauded the efficacy of the Secret Service but seems to have missed the point of the protest:


One asked Democrats (the opposing political party) to “get tough” and saying that the world is “watching and laughing”.

Trump’s advisers had complained about his tweets in private, understanding that the tweets had made the situation worse.

On an interview on Fox News Sunday, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina said, “Those are not constructive tweets, without any question.”

“I’m thankful that we can have the conversation. We don’t always agree on any of his tweets beforehand, but we have the ability to sit down and dialogue on how we move this nation forward.”

Well, just another month of 2020 I guess. What’s next? Plants start talking? Aliens descend upon Earth?

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