Tsui Wah Opening Second Outlet in The Heeren

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What do Singaporeans love the most?

Cheap deals? Free stuff?

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It’s gotta be food, amongst all other things.

This is why you see us snapping up all the good deals and free stuff primarily for food-related items. Whenever a new famous food chain steps foot into Singapore, you can bet the entire nation will run down to the place and join the mile-long queue to get into the eatery.

Be it Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese or Malay food, you name it, we’ll eat it.

One very popular timeless favourite that can never be replaced and still remains at the top of the favourite food list for many is Hong Kong cuisine, with its exquisite dim sum and tea time specialities. Did someone say cha chaan teng?

Popular Hong Kong Eatery 

Well, this is sure to make you go wahhhh. Tsui Wahhhh.

Tsui Wah Restaurant’s flagship outlet in Hong Kong Central is packed with locals and tourists alike all day, and many Singaporeans are usually among them. It’s open 24 hours, so if you’re ever having a midnight craving for some toast with condensed milk, Tsui Wah will welcome you with open arms.

They also have another outlet at Hong Kong International Airport, which is convenient for Singaporeans who just want one last milk tea before flying back home. As expected, that one’s just as crowded too.

Image: Facebook/Tsui Wah Singapore

Foodies everywhere in Singapore rejoiced when the popular Hong Kong eatery that they’ve been visiting Hong Kong just to find finally made its way over to our shores and opened an outlet at Clarke Quay last year.

Image: Facebook/Tsui Wah Singapore

Popular dishes at Tsui Wah include the crispy bun with condensed milk, signature pork chop bun, beef brisket and tendon curry, and not forgetting the all-time classic Hong Kong milk tea that happens to be a staple in Hong Kong cha chaan teng.

Crowds have been flocking to the only outlet in Singapore to get their fix of traditional Hong Kong delicacies, so much so that…

They’re Opening A Second Outlet

Yep, following the success of the first Tsui Wah outlet in Singapore, Tsui Wah Holdings Limited and Jumbo Group Ltd have decided to open another one.

Image: Facebook/Singapore Atrium Sales

This time, the eatery will open right in the heart of the city, on busy shopping street Orchard Road at The Heeren.

It’s perfect for business, for Orchard Road is a heavily populated area and shoppers can take a break from the hustle and bustle while sipping on a cup of warm milk tea. Located in a prominent area, I seriously expect crowds to be crazy with this one.

As of now, it’s not clear when the outlet will open, or if there will be any new menu items, so we’ll have to wait for news on that.


In the meantime, we can continue dreaming about their milk tea.

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