TVB Singer Vivian Koo Almost Injected with An Empty Syringe During COVID-19 Vaccination


Most of us would expect our vaccination to be a smooth and mishap-free process that may leave us feeling a little sore and sick for a short period of time but otherwise largely unscathed. 

We certainly wouldn’t expect a near-death experience resulting in hospitalisation and extreme discomfort. 

However, that’s exactly what Hong Kong TVB singer Vivian Koo had to contend with in an awful vaccination scare when she went to get jabbed on Monday (15 July). 

Here’s what happened. 

TVB Singer Vivian Koo Almost Injected with an Empty Syringe During COVID-19 Vaccination 

Vivian had gone to Hong Kong’s Ma On Shan Family Medicine Centre for her vaccination. 

The nurse asked her some administrative questions before inserting the needle into her right arm. 

And that’s where it all went horribly wrong. 


Vivian shared on Instagram on Thursday (15 July) that she experienced extreme pain all of a sudden so she turned to look at her arm. 

It was at that point that both she and the nurse realised that the syringe, which should have been filled with liquid, was empty. 

Enraged at the oversight, Vivian questioned the nurse, asking her how she could administer the jab without a vaccine. 

She said that while she was still at a loss as to what was happening, the nurse proceeded to inject a syringe (this time containing the vaccine) into the exact same spot on her arm where she had previously been jabbed (with nothing). 

She was told that everything was all right and was brought out of the room. She said that she tried to speak to the nurse again but was not paid any attention. 

Vivian then kicked up a fuss, prompting the appearance of the head nurse. 

She later began suffering from giddiness, nausea and headaches. She was taken to hospital in an ambulance. 

She underwent ECG, X-ray and CT scans.

In addition, she lodged a police report.


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She continued to experience side effects till Tuesday (13 July) and remained weak, suffering from excessive perspiration and numbness of her right arm and right leg. 

Vivian continued to be hospitalised as of Wednesday (14 July) afternoon. 

She added that although media articles had reported that someone had apologised to her for the incident, she has not received any phone call and no one has actually sought to apologise.

According to government advisor Leung Chi Chiu, if air is injected into the muscles, there is not much cause for concern. 


However, if air is injected into the blood vessels, the air bubble will flow through the veins and could block the vessel.

If the air bubble enters the lungs, lung tissues may also be damaged.

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