Twice’s Tzuyu Went for Personal Vacation But Fans Still Found Her; Hotel Accused of Disclosing Location

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You definitely know Twice, or have definitely heard one of their addictive songs before.

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As the famous K-pop girl group that left many teenaged girls dancing with their hands in T-shapes to the iconic TT, they’ve been very busy dominating the music charts every few months, with their crazy comeback schedules.

However, the girls aren’t robots – they do go on holidays to take a break from the life of an idol, as much as they love their job and their precious fans, or ONCEs.

Sometimes, though, fans can do things that others may not likey very much.

Well-Deserved Break

After their most recent and yet again successful comeback with the hit “Fancy”, the group has had time to take a break from their hectic schedules.

Tzuyu, the youngest of the group, went for a personal vacation with her family to Cambodia, where they also did charity work. Awww, how sweet!

As Twice is one of the biggest girl groups in Korea, there’s no surprise that many people in Cambodia would have recognised Tzuyu, especially as her beauty is something that’s hard to ignore.

Even though it was a personal schedule, many lucky fans who had the fortune to run into Tzuyu took photos and wefies with her.

And naturally, these photos and the news that she was currently in Cambodia spread to social media from fans who wanted to show off their encounter with Tzuyu.

Image: Twitter/Tzu_Deng

While that’s still fine if they had run into her out of pure coincidence, some fans took it to the next level to find and get up close and personal to the idol in Cambodia.

A Real Surprise

Some ONCEs managed to find out which hotel Tzuyu was staying in and proceeded to besiege the hotel, booking rooms there just to get close to where she and her family were. One male fan even bragged about how he got to stay in the room right next to hers.

Yikes, creepy much?

If that wasn’t enough, these fans surprised her in the hotel along with the hotel’s staff as an early birthday celebration, with a birthday cake in tow.

Image: Twitter/TZUYU_WORLD


Apparently, a security guard at the hotel also just took some photos on his phone instead of making sure that Tzuyu, as a guest, was properly protected in case any fans got too close.

Even though these fans had good intentions to celebrate her birthday and Tzuyu can be seen smiling and bowing politely in the video of the surprise celebration as a form of courtesy, most fans online weren’t happy at all about the whole situation.

Male Fan Gets Defensive

Well, that male fan who bragged about staying in the room next to Tzuyu’s received a lot of backlash from other fans.

He snapped back at them, saying he didn’t come here alone. The manager of the hotel had apparently invited him and he came to promote for their commercial.

Image: Twitter/OnceTwiceMemes

He even added that he doesn’t care what other fans feel about his borderline stalkerish acts because he spent his own money in this way.

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Image: Twitter/OnceTwiceMemes

Okay, bro…

Hotel Manager Blamed

This led fans to blame the hotel manager for revealing where Tzuyu was staying to fans, for it could seriously put her in danger, especially as she doesn’t have a professional security team when she’s off official schedules.


Even though these fans probably didn’t have any bad intentions and just wanted to meet their idol, things could easily go out of hand if there’s too big of a crowd and she could get hurt amidst the commotion.

If the hotel really leaked where she was staying for publicity, they have a serious security problem.

The fans also criticised these other fans for not respecting Tzuyu’s privacy and not letting her and her family have a peaceful holiday.

Stalker Fans

If you hadn’t heard about there being these kinds of fans who would stalk their idol to the ends of the earth, now you have.

These fans are called ‘sasaeng’ fans. ‘Sasaeng’ means ‘private life’ in Korean, and the term was coined to describe fans who invade the private lives of their idols.


There isn’t anything sasaeng fans won’t do. Back in 2012, one of them sent a letter written in their own menstrual blood to TVXQ’s sub-unit JYJ.

And some even broke into their dorms while the idols were sleeping and attempted to kiss them.


Yep, suuuuper scary right? It really sounds like something out of a horror movie!

Fortunately, Nothing Bad Happened

Thankfully, the Tzuyu incident didn’t cause extreme harm to anyone unlike the ones listed above, but the actions of these fans are still worth condemning.


While it’s everyone’s wish to be able to meet a celebrity one day by chance, there are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, especially as the celebrity is human like us after all.

The next time you’re thinking if you should go on a hunt of your favourite idol when they happen to be on a personal holiday in Singapore or elsewhere, you better think about it twice.

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