The Type Of Emoji You Often Use Can Determine The Type Of Person You Are


Read the title again.

I shall term this as The Psychology of Emojis.


So which school of thought do you belong to?

😂 – You are a laugh-out-loud (LOL) person

According to The Next Web, this is ranked 1st on emoji hashtags on Instagram. If you find yourself using this the most, congrats, for you are not alone.


No, not me. I am not with you because I don’t use this very often. But fear not, many others are with you.

On the flip side, however, you are not THAT unique because you’re just using what everyone else is using.#justsaying

In short, you take things with a pinch of salt, always laughing over… everything.


 😍 – Positivism is in your genes

Ranked 2nd on emoji hashtags on Instagram, you look at life through the love lens. You’re filled with affection for everything, even an ant is adorable to you.


You are always responding with comments like, “so pretty”, ” this is too cuteeee”, “hawttt” and… I think you get it.

❤️️ – You’re just XOXO

This is ranked 3rd on emoji hashtags on Instagram. Similar to the above, but it goes beyond affection. No one can win you when it comes to true love.

You often find yourself saying “Love you!” to… Ahem… anyone.


In other words, your close friends (maybe even your boyfriend or girlfriend) won’t find it as special anymore.

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So, which emojis do you use the most and is this accurate for you?

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