Uber-Realistic Chicken Wing & Pork Belly Key Chain Perfect For Foodies

Simply adore food?

Live to eat, and not eat to live?

Would totally marry a packet of Jia Yuen’s Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken Rice if it were legal?

Well, while I can’t quite promise you a legitimate wedding cert, I can offer you the next best thing:

Uber-realistic food key chains that will make you feel satiated, loved and satiated everywhere you go.

Image: Minna Vu


For reference purposes, here are pictures of some real-life chicken wings and braised pork belly.

Image: Amin/Wikipedia
Image: Chinese Cooking Demystified.

And then here’s another set of photos of chicken wings and braised pork belly:

Image: Minna Vu

Can you tell the difference?

Because I definitely can’t.

The personal ‘properties’ of Facebook user Minna Vu, the keychains were brought to the attention of Facebook community group Eat N Go, and they instantly caused a ‘stir’.

The post, which has been up for a mere two days, has already accumulated 12K shares.

She also posted a rather snarky comment alongside the picture:

“One of these nights, I know a drunk fool is gonna try to eat my new keychains.”

Image: Eat N Go Facebook Page

Well, call me a drunk fool if you will…

But I think I will have those keychains for dinner tonight.

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Netizens react

Suffice it to say; Netizens largely reacted like me, with comments to match:

Image: Eat N Go Facebook Page
Image: Eat N Go Facebook Page

One also suggested a surprisingly functional use for the keychains.

Image: Eat N Go Facebook Page

Though whether you want slobbering wet keychains wherever you go is an entirely different issue altogether.

One also inquired about the original sales location, to which Minna replied:

Image: Eat N Go Facebook Page

Considering how fake food craft is serious business in Japan, and essentially a multi-billion yen industry, it really should come as no surprise to how authentic the keychains look.

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Incidentally, according to Mothership, Japan’s more popular fake food store does seem to serve Minna’s version of chicken wings.

Image: Fake Food Japan
Image: Fake Food Japan

Though then again, it would appear that Minna’s version looks just slightly more authentic.


And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you, like me, fell in love with those keychains at first sight, there’s really no better time.

It’s time to fly over to Tokyo for some authentic food keychains!

But then again, if you’re broke like me…

You’ll probably do better asking your Tokyo-bound friends to nab some for you, turn to Airfrov or even better, purchase from the Fake Food Japan site itself:

Image: fakefoodjapan.com

Don’t say bojio ah 😉 You can order online here.


Just take note though; it doesn’t come cheap.

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