You Can Now Visit UK WIthout Being Quarantined But Still Have To Serve SHN When Back

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If the idea of flying to nowhere doesn’t really entice you, take heart that you can now fly to somewhere, in this case, England, and need not be quarantined.

With some terms and conditions to note.

Image: Unsplash

Singapore and Thailand removed from the list of countries which travellers need to be quarantined before entering England

In a statement by the British transport minister, Mr Grant Shapps on 17 Sep, it was announced that Singapore and Thailand have been removed from the list of countries which travellers must quarantine themselves before entering England.

Image: Twitter (Grant Shapps)

Aside from Singapore and Thailand, travellers from other countries such as Hong Kong and Ireland, also need not be isolated upon arriving in England.

While travellers from Singapore need not be self-isolated, countries such as Slovenia and Guadaloupe will be required to have their travellers quarantined when they reach England.

This is due to a significant change in both the level and pace of confirmed cases of coronavirus in both Slovenia and Guadeloupe.

This quarantine measure is in place to try to curb the spread of Covid-19.

If you’re wondering why this situation sounds so familiar, it’s because we did the same thing for Brunei and New Zealand.

Except, it’s other countries doing it for Singapore now.

Back to the terms and conditions mentioned earlier on.

Terms & Conditions

The exemption will take effect from 19 Sep 2020, 4am, onwards, so unless you’re reading this while on your way to the facility to be isolated at England, you’ll not be quarantined when you reach English soil.

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Image: Unsplash

In order to avoid being quarantined, travellers will also need to be in Singapore, and any other territory on the United Kingdom’s (UK) Travel Corridor list for at least 14 days before arriving in England.

Travellers Required To Be Quarantined If Transiting Or Staying At Territories Not In Travel Corridor List

Travellers who are not flying directly from Singapore to England, take note.

The 14-day self-isolation is required if you leave Singapore, but stay in or transit through territory not on the UK travel corridor list before arriving in England.

If you have spent the 14 days before your arrival in England in places that are in the Travel Corridor list, then you will be exempted from the quarantine measures.

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Complete Passenger Locator Form Up To 48 Hours Before Arriving At The UK

Before you start booking your tickets and pack your luggage, take note that you will also need to complete the Passenger Locator Form.

Travellers who travelled from Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and stayed in these places for at least 14 days will not be required to complete the form.


Sounds peachy, but here are two factors that might make you reconsider travel to UK right now.

14-Day SHN Needed After You Come Back To S’pore

While you need not be quarantined when you’re flying to England, a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice at dedicated facilities is required once you touch down at Singapore.

And can we add that you have to pay for your own SHN stay and Covid-19 tests as well, since you’ve travelled out of Singapore past 27 Mar 2020?

I mean, many thought that they could handle the consequences, only to complain about it when coming back home.


In addition, if you test positive for Covid-19 after travelling out of the country, you’ll have to pay for your own treatment, which can get really expensive.

A Possible Second Wave Of Infections

Experts have cautioned the possibility of a second wave of infection breaking over Europe as winter approaches.

According to Straits Times, more than 3,000 new cases were reported in 24 hours for the second day in a row last Saturday, September 12, at Britain.

In addition, France also reported 10,000 new infections on Saturday, close to the peak of its first wave in April.

As such, travelling to these countries might be of potential risky.


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