The ultimate guide to the 6 most chillax beaches you can go to in Singapore

Heading to the beach? Here are some top beaches in Singapore – from the quiet & tranquil to the busy and popular.

Palawan Beach


Palawan Beach is famous for its suspension bridge linking beach-goers to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. Surprise, surprise, the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia is actually Asia’s closest point to the Equator. There at Palawan Beach lies 2 towers where the public can take a break and relax from basking in the hot Singapore sun.

Tanjong Beach


Tanjong Beach is located on the right of Sentosa Island – there are relatively few buildings erected at that particular side of the island compared to Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach, therefore, you can expect fewer crowds. For those who love the tranquillity and serenity of beaches, as opposed to the hubbub of tourists, beachgoers, and the public, try Tanjong Beach.

East Coast Park


Those who reside in the east, or south rejoice! East Coast Park is a beach cum park that is accessible to everyone. East Coast Park also happens to be the largest park in Singapore, spanning across 185 hectares. East Coast Park is also built entirely on reclaimed land with its beaches purely artificial.

Siloso Beach


Famous for its events and happenings that are frequent on what Sentosa claims to be the “hippiest” beach, you can expect fun and the sun on Siloso Beach. On top of its pristine beach, chill out at themed bars or surf at man-made or real waves. At night, Siloso Beach becomes alive with good food, good music, and a bit of alcohol.

Changi Park


This 3.3km stretch of untouched beach resides on Singapore’s eastern tip. Being at the end of the island away from the concrete jungle we are all used to, the quietness and tranquillity will draw campers, joggers, or people who simply want to have some time in admiring the sea on the beach.

Lazarus Island Beach


Think there’s still too many people on the beaches listed above, or your just strictly want to be one with nature? Lazarus Island is an island located off the south side of Singapore. The appeal of Lazarus Island beach is its relative underdevelopment and anonymity.

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