The Ultimate Guide to Turn Your Old Car Into a New Car (Without Buying One!)

If you own a car, do you remember the day you first bought it?

There it was, looking so sleek and shiny, something worthy to pick up your beautiful girlfriend with and make her friends go waaah.

Fast forward six years and you’re looking at a very different reality.

That once shiny car you have? It’s now lao kok kok, and your then-girlfriend-now-wife is no longer as impressive looking as she once was.

Now, there’s not much you can do about your wife getting fat because, hey, your love has turned into something more important than just looks.

But your car? Now that’s something you want to be handled.

So what do you do? Sell it away and get a new one? No, don’t do that because the economy isn’t good and it can be quite expensive.

Here are some tips and hacks to make your old car look brand new again!

WD40 is God, Because #Legendary

Scratching your car paint job is something every driver meets with all the time in Singapore.

Sometimes, it might not even by your fault. Some idiot just bua your car while trying to park or moving out, and you’re left with the sh*t.

A paintjob is expensive, damnit!

If you’re faced with this problem, and you will, here’s a cheap hack to deal with it. Apply some WD40 and start rubbing.

Of course, your car must be black. But hey, black’s cool, isn’t it?

Undent Your Car Bumper with Hot Water

This requires a bit of technical know-how. So if you know that you’re a car-idiot, better not try it.

What do you do if your plastic bumper is dented because some idiot driver couldn’t stop in time on the roads?

Use hot water and a hammer to “undent” your car bumper. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

It’s like magic.

Know Your Car And What You’re Exactly Cleaning With

I’ll be honest. Most cars look like old ones within years because their owners don’t take care of them.

I mean, sure, cleaning the bird sh*t and dust from the car every week is mandatory, but for it to retain that glossiness? You got to go over every inch of the car surface and wax it.

And you got to evaluate the condition of your car. If it’s new and there’s still a layer of wax? A wash and wax is good enough.

But if it’s old as hell and admittedly neglected for a long time, you got to give it a polish as well.

You got to know your car very well and use the appropriate products to use. For example, that amazing wheel cleaner your friend raved about? It might not be good for your aluminium wheel because it’s meant for chrome wheels with higher acidity level.

Also, clean your windows using cleaners meant for car windows because household cleaners contains ammonia which might damage your car windows’ tint.

Too Troublesome For You? Get Trustworthy Car Detailing Services Then

If you’ve read through the above and thinks that it’s too troublesome, or you just don’t have the time, to make your car look brand new, then it might be time to get the experts in to do the work.

Shell out some money and get it looking brand new in as short a time as possible. And remember to look for trustworthy ones who will not tock you like you’re Roberto.

You might want to look at car detailing companies like EA Detailer which comes pretty well-reviewed online.

Don’t say we bojio, right now they are offering their 3-Stage Exterior Glow to make your old car look brand new at just $118 (U.P $219).

The entire process takes 4-5 hours, as car detailing is a process that is more in-depth than normal car grooming. They’ll deploy a 55-step treatment to make sure your car looks and feels like it is from the showroom!

Partnering with Sonax, EA Detailer has a technical partnership with one of the largest Car Care Brand on Earth to deliver consistent and reliable results.

Check out their website for more information here

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