Uncle Crossed Road While NDP Mobile Column on the Move ‘Coz It Appeared to Be Red Lights


This year, the National Day Parade was brought closer to residents, with many popular activities held around residential estates.

One of them was the Mobile Column, where battle tanks and other assets from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) roamed around Singapore.

Many excited Singaporeans took to the streets to watch these armoured tanks glide by their neighbourhoods, along with their fellow Singaporeans.

One uncle, however, had no idea that these vehicles would be visiting his residential estate on National Day. In fact, he almost got hit by one.

Uncle Crossed Road While NDP Mobile Column on the Move ‘Coz It Appeared to Be Red Lights

One driver of an armoured vehicle had the shock of his life when he had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting an elderly man.

A video of the incident was shared on the Facebook page Heartlanders on 9 Aug.

The video appears to have been taken at a signalised pedestrian crossing at a residential area, the location of which is unclear.

Many residents could be seen waving and cheering as the armoured vehicle approached them at a slow but steady speed.

An officer had parked his motorbike in front of the crossing, presumably to prevent people from getting flattened by the mammoth vehicle.

But one uncle did that anyway.

At the 3-second mark, an uncle in a white T-shirt appears out of nowhere and crosses the junction with the armoured vehicle just metres away from him.

Image: Facebook (Heartlanders)

Fortunately, the large vehicle brakes in time, though the driver must have been sweating like Donald Trump when asked about his taxes.

The officer, who had his bike parked in front of the crossing, also managed to alert the uncle to the vehicle in time by screaming “Eh eh eh!”.

The officer then shouts at the old man, saying he had parked there for a reason, and that he shouldn’t have crossed.

The uncle seemed to argue at first, pointing at the traffic light opposite them, presumably to a red light, implying that it was ok to cross.


The man then walks away in the opposite direction, as the officer shouts “I stand here for what!”.

If you go back to the start of the video, though, you’ll notice something odd.

What’s a little strange is that the uncle clearly looks to his right, straight at the vehicle, and can see it approaching, but crosses right at the moment when it’s near the crossing.

Whether a red light was displayed or not, the armoured vehicle clearly wasn’t going to stop, and the uncle should have known better.

Netizen Reaction

Netizens praised the driver for stopping in time and the officer for alerting the uncle to the oncoming vehicle.

Image: Facebook (Heartlanders)
Image: Facebook (Heartlanders)

It certainly was a close shave. We’re just glad the driver managed to brake in time, and that the uncle came through unscathed.

It could have been a very different National Day otherwise.