Uncle Ringo Carnival & The Great Circus of Europe Will Be Held At Marina Bay From Dec. 20 – Jan. 1

Image: Facebook (Uncle Ringo), The Great Circus Of Europe


Remember those pop-up carnivals you would see?

One day there would be a giant grass patch of emptiness and the next an immense, tented event with rides and food.

Also extremely hot but fun nonetheless.

Some people also associate carnivals with a circus, something you don’t really see here in Singapore.

But we might get a taste of a rather big one pretty soon.

From Europe To Singapore 

Because the best things are shared around the globe.

According to Mothership, The Great Circus of Europe and Uncle Ringo Carnival will be at Bayfront Event Space, Marina Bay!

It’ll happen really soon too, from 20 December to 1 January 2020.


Christmas plans anyone? 

Image: Facebook (Uncle Ringo)
Image: Facebook (Uncle Ringo)

The carnival will have many fun activities for guests to participate in including ‘thrilling rides’ as well as a food street in the Escapade Festival Village.

No carnival is complete without a food street, amiright?

But the real best part? Entry to the carnival is completely free. 

Image: Facebook (Uncle Ringo)

Only if you don’t participate in the activities, that is. (Heh, sorry)

Great Circus Acts

Of course, what circus event would be complete without their international acts!

Image: The Great Circus Of Europe

The Great Circus of Europe’s main show is 90 minutes long with acts like a contortionist called the ‘Bone Crusher’, trapeze swinging, and many more.

There will also be a female clown, because, well, it’s 2019 and It has ruined male clowns for us.

You can check out their full range of acts over here.

Notice that the show even runs all the way to New Years? That’s because there will be a wide range of different acts during the count down period.

Image: Central Shorts

Tickets to the circus range from S$70 to S$150, and can be bought here.

If you’re a carnival lover and hesitating to buy them, don’t.

Because from now till 15 Nov, an early bird promotion will grant you 20 per cent off ticket prices with the checkout code “EBIRD20”. Chiong ah!

Such opportunities for two great minds coming together shouldn’t be missed! To get you even more hyped, you can take a look at the trailer below.

See you there!


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