Ungrateful Son Beat Up his Parents in Public and Why He Did it Makes You Wish He Never Lived


We all know that to hate or raise your voice against your parents is one thing, but to lay your hands on them and beat them up is a whole different story.

Remember how this girl bragged online about how she slapped her mother? The reactions that followed made her wished she never did it. Whether it’s slapping her mother or bragging about it online, we never found out.

Chinese man caught on film beating up an older couple

Image: YouTube (Ray Donovan)
Image: YouTube (Ray Donovan)

A video of a Chinese man beating up an older couple outside a real estates office in Harbin was uploaded onto the internet and went viral.

When passersby found out that the couple he was attacking are his parents, they stepped in to intervene.

Image: YouTube (Ray Donovan)

The crowd attacked the attacker, who couldn’t take it like a man and tried to escape. Before the crowd could give him a major beatdown (that he no doubt deserved), the police arrived and took him away to the police station.

Allegedly Angry Because They Bought Him a House That Was “Too Small”

And that was where they found out why he was so mad. And seriously, you won’t believe it.

As a wedding gift, his parents decided to get him a new home where he and his wife can settle down. Instead of being happy at the gift, he grew mad when he realised the house was “too small”.

And so, like any 5-year-old who couldn’t get what he wants, notwithstanding whether he deserves it or not, he decided to throw a tantrum. 


Now the question remains: will he still be married after this?

Check out the video of a report on the incident below:


Feature Image: YouTube (Ray Donavan)

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