Dramatic Footage Of Ship Captain Skilfully Rescuing Child On Unicorn Float At Sea Shared Widely Online

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Remember having a float around you when you were a kid? Your parents must have told you that this float will keep you safe – prevent you from drowning.

But just recently, it was a unicorn float that could’ve landed a little girl in deep trouble. Literally.

Image: Giphy

A “Safe”  Float For Kids

A few days ago, it was reported that a three-year-old toddler was swept out into deeper waters on her unicorn float before her parents could react to the situation.

Image: Facebook

The toddler’s father and a few others had tried to run out to grab onto the float but were too slow.

Others attempted a rescue via a rubber dinghy but could not row past the strong current.

Authorities then reached out to a nearby vessel for help.

Ferry Boat Captain Rescues Unicorn Girl

A 50-years-old experienced Greek ferry boat captain, Grigoris Karnesis, could not believe what he was seeing.

A little girl and her unicorn float were moving so quickly on the water.

A ferry saving a little girl on the ocean might sound like an easy task but in reality, it’s not that easy.

The backwash from the ferry’s rotor or an accidental bump could’ve led to disastrous consequences.

Thankfully for the girl, Grigoris is an experienced seaman.

While steering nearer to the girl, he cut the front engine of his ferry, creating calmer waters around his vessel.

His brother, Vasilis Karnesis, was on the same vessel as Grigoris and works as a ship mechanic.

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He quickly used a lowered ramp to get the toddler and her float out from the sea.

Vasilis mentioned that in his 22 years in the sea, this is his first time encountering such rescue.

Grigoris who is also a father of two mentioned that if he had not returned the girl to her parents safely, he would not be able to face his own family.

Video Shared Widely Online

A passenger, Petros Kritsonis happened to record the entire incident on his device, which he then uploaded to Facebook, which was shared widely after.

As of the time of writing, the video has garnered over 1.4 million views, over 14k shares and 2.9k comments, most of which expressed their relief at the toddler being rescued.

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The video had even reached Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who personally called the Grigoris to express his gratitude to him and his crew.

According to Kritsonis, the toddler was overwhelmed and speechless after being rescued.


Kritsonis said, “she was in shock, she didn’t speak, she was frozen.”

The ferry’s crew could hear her screams as Karnesis grew closer.

Here’s the video to the rescue. 

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Posted by Petros Kritsonis on Monday, 24 August 2020

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