Local Online Store Selling Penis- & Boobs-Design Facemasks So People Will Social Distance

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During this time of crisis, aesthetically-pleasing face masks have become highly sought-after.

No surprise there, considering how they’re taking up 99.9% of your face – which is pretty much what 70% of what people focus on.

But here’s the thing: How do you exactly define a mask that’s easy on the eyes?

Is it one that boasts plentiful, bountiful and beautiful patterns?

Or one that’s streamlined, sparse and generally no-nonsense in nature?

After all, just like the face, beauty (of a mask) does lie in the eye of the beholder.

Though we can’t help but wonder whether any beholders would think these particular designs… aesthetic or beautiful in a societally-acceptable sense.

Local Online Store Selling Penis- & Boobs-Design Facemasks So People Will Social Distance

Local online retailer Pop Your Hips has unveiled a line of facial coverings that you probably don’t want to show to your parents.

Unless they’re your parents in a sugar kind of sense anyway. If you catch my drift.

Termed “Naughty face masks”, they exhibit a series of patterns which, upon closer examination…

Really aren’t something you would want to show your legitimate parents.

For starters, here’s a mask consisting of nothing but black willies.

Image: Pop Your Hips

And here’s one full of… erm, colourful willies.

Image: Pop Your Hips

And then there’s one that could either come across as a plethora of Despicable Me minions, Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants, aliens or something else altogether.


Image: Pop Your Hips

Hint: It’s the last one.

For the record, here’s what it looks like when worn:

Image: Pop Your Hips

Image: Pop Your Hips

Well, if you’ve always craved for freedom of expression…


You ain’t getting any better than this.

Literally willies on your face.

Optimal For Social Distancing

These handmade masks have been touted to be the “best mask for social distancing”.

This is because of the fine print of the mask: if anyone can tell the exact pattern that’s going on, they’re definitely standing too close for comfort.

Physically and emotionally.


For the record, the face mask is reusable, and is made from pre-washed cotton.

Each mask retails at S$18, and comes in two sizes:

  • Standard size of 13cm by 21cm
  • Men’s size of 14cm by 21cm

Apparently, one will need to leave a note during checkout to attain the men’s size.

Meanwhile, here are some of their other more PG-13 designs:

Image: shoppopyourhips.com


Image: shoppopyourhips.com

And if you’re on the other end of the “unique” spectrum, meaning to say that you’re up for outlandish masks that aren’t quite so in-your-facehere’s a list that you may find interesting.

Featured Image: Pop Your Hips

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