Supervisor Demands Payment from Employee for Choosing “Unsightly” Durians, Turns Aggressive


Bad colleagues can sometimes be a thorn in your side. And that’s especially true for one particular durian stall employee.

A supervisor demanded payment from an employee after the employee chose “unsightly” durians for a customer.

And that’s not all. The supervisor also turned aggressive afterwards.

Supervisor Demands Payment from Employee for Choosing “Unsightly” Durians

On Saturday (16 September), at around 1 pm, a durian stall employee got into a heated argument with his supervisor—over “unsightly” durians.

According to Shin Min Daily News, 37-year-old Wang Lianzheng (hanyu pinyin), an employee at a durian stall located below Block 18 Bedok South Road, was instructed by his supervisor to choose and cut open two Musang King durians for a customer.

However, after opening up the durians, the pair discovered that the durians weren’t very “sightly”—the supervisor blamed Wang for this.

“He kept blaming me for choosing poor-quality durians, saying that the pulp had blackened spots on them,” Wang shared.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Selling durian or organising beauty pageant sia?

Regardless, the supervisor demanded Wang pay for the “unsightly” durians—something that Wang was not unfamiliar with.

The supervisor had allegedly asked Wang to pay for such “unsightly” durians in the past, not once, not twice, but up to thrice.

And if you’re anything of a kiasu Singaporean, you would know how expensive Musang King durians are—they cost up to $30 each.

That’s a lot of money coming from Wang’s pocket. Yet, that’s far from the end of the 37-year-old’s woes.

Supervisor Turns Aggressive After Employee Refuses to Pay for “Unsightly” Durian

Wang found the supervisor’s demand unreasonable and refused to pay for the “unsightly” durians.

In response, the supervisor went ballistic on Wang—berating him, using harsh words, and even threatening to fire Wang from the durian stall.

In a fit of anger, Wang threw the durian stall’s cash collection box on the table, which only added fuel to the fire.

Wang’s supervisor rushed over and strangled Wang using both hands. He even pushed Wang onto the table.


But if you’ve ever seen a coffee shop brawl break out, you’d know that fights like these don’t usually end just like that.

The supervisor repeatedly punched Wang in the stomach and kicked him multiple times, all while continuing to berate and threaten Wang.

And all Wang could do at that moment was to take the blows and try to protect his head.

Wang’s supervisor was so aggressive that at one point, Wang even feared that his supervisor would pick up a knife right next to the pair and slash him with it.

Fortunately, that did not happen, thanks to the help of two colleagues who rushed out to defuse the situation.


Employee Suffered Multiple Bruises and Cuts All Over His Body; Refuses to Accept Supervisor’s Apology

As a result of the brawl, Wang suffered multiple injuries all over his body—from bruises on his back to cuts on his hand.

His injuries were so severe he was given six days of medical leave upon visiting a doctor after the assault.

This is the sort of experience you’d never forget, and, of course, Wang felt the same.

Later on, Wang’s supervisor apologised to Wang. However, Wang refused to accept his supervisor’s apology—his supervisor had gone too far, and Wang genuinely feared for his safety.

Sorry, got cure?

The employee verbally told his boss that he was resigning from his position at the durian stall and subsequently received a dismissal letter on Wednesday (20 September).


Wang also lodged a police report on Sunday (17 September). His supervisor left for Malaysia on Monday (18 September).