The US Now Has Over 100K COVID-19 Cases With Almost Half of Them in One City

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By now you would have known that the COVID-19 outbreak is no laughing matter.

It has become so bad that more than 596,890 people infected worldwide and more than 27,350 deaths.

What had first started in Wuhan, a city in China, has now spread globally as more countries are reporting spikes in cases. It has gotten even worse now that there are countries with much a higher number of cases than China itself.

One such country is the United States.

The US Now Has Over 100K COVID-19 Cases With Almost Half of Them in One City

According to a tracker maintained by Johns Hopkins University, the US now has over 100K COVID-19 cases. To be exact, they have 100,717 cases as well as 1,544 deaths as of 6pm Eastern time.

The US now has 15,000 more cases than Italy, which is the second country on the list of the highest number of COVID-19 cases, and 20,000 cases more than China.

It is quite insane that things could take such a drastic turn within a matter of weeks.

As of now, the US death rate calculated based on the number of confirmed cases is about 1.5%. This is much lower than that of Italy which is at 10.5%.

And if you want a further comparison, the death rate for China is approximately 4%.

It is possible that the death rate will fall because it seems that there are more people who are testing positive despite not experiencing any symptoms, or there might be many undetected cases.

That’s why it’s important for everyone to practise social distancing now. You will never know who is potentially a COVID-19 carrier. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?

The situation in the US is so bad that almost half of the total number of cases that they have is contributed by one city. And that unfortunate city is New York, the city that houses Spiderman.

If other cities start to become like New York, the death rate may rise instead.

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Thomas Tsai, a professor of health policy at Harvard, shared with AFP, “We’re still seeing a rising number of cases, a rising number of intensive care unit admission, a rising number of patients with mechanical ventilators. And unfortunately, the death rate is likely going to follow that pattern. It’s just that it’s going to be days or weeks behind.”

Moving Forward From Here

There’s a reason why many countries are now enforcing stricter regulations, either travel restrictions or a complete lockdown of their entire country.


Governments all around the world are also advising all their citizens to avoid non-essential travel outside and to practise social distancing no matter where they go.

It is very critical for us all to do our part during this difficult period of time.

In Singapore, the authorities have advised us to stay at home and not to head down to shopping malls for the free air-con.

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