US Comedian Trevor Noah Spotted In S’pore With A Durian & A Huge Smile

Image: Weekender Singapore / LAMC Productions


He’s smexy.

Image: Comedy Central Press

He can put on tons of accents.

And he’s here in Singapore loving durians…?

Oh yes, everybody’s favourite US comedian is here in Singapore two days earlier than his performance at the Star Theatre.

Spotted At Newton Food Centre On Saturday Night

That’s right, our favourite Trump impersonator and disser was spotted right here on the sunny island at Newton Food Centre.

Uploaded by LAMC Productions Facebook page, you can see tons of plates in front of him with an unfinished plate of char kway teow and durian in his hand.


Ooh, spiky.

Not much is known about whether he loved the fruit or not, but one thing for sure, he’s loving the fruits.

In Town For His Performance At Star Theatre

Now, if you’ve only just realised he’s performing stand up comedy live right here, and you’re hoping to get tickets…don’t bother.

It’s already sold out.

Image: LAMC Productions Facebook Page

He was only supposed to perform one show here.

But the tickets, priced between S$98 and S$198, sold out so fast the organisers decided to add another day for Singaporeans.

That too was sold out on the same day.

What To Expect For The Live Show

For one, you can expect him to be witty and sharp-tongued as he usually is in The Daily Show.

And as per his usual routines, materials are expected to include his take on current affairs around the world. Maybe Hong Kong?

Who knows? Only the people going for his show will, probably.

But one thing for sure, with how sensitive Singaporeans are towards issues like identity and race, it’ll be interesting to see how Trevor Noah will be able to pull off his jokes without offending Singaporeans’ sensitive sensibilities.

And as the master of accents, I’m pretty sure he’s going to give an impressive try at Singlish.

After all, even Lee Dongwook has done it.

So Keep Your Eyes Peeled

And your phone ready for a selfie.

But just remember that he’s off the clock so say hi, ask for a picture, be polite if rejected and don’t strain his vocal cords.


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