People in the US Also Panic Buying Toilet Rolls After 4 Infections of Unknown Origins

Do you know that culturally, we follow the US to some extent?

For example, after many people in the US used Friendster, we followed suit soon after. After the Americans ditched Friendster for Facebook, we followed in their footsteps soon after.

Now, the Americans aren’t using Facebook much, and the number of people using Facebook has declined in Singapore, too.

But for the first time, the US might be following in our footsteps instead.

We’re the second country (after Hong Kong) to make it to the news for hoarding daily essentials, and other countries have followed suit…including the US.

So, what happened?

Trump’s Press Conference About COVID-19

Lest you’re not aware, over in the US, there are reporters stationed in the White House and they get to attend regular briefings by the US Federal Government (though that’s not the case for the current administration).

And usually, the briefings are done by the White House Press Secretary —unless something major crops up and the President or someone else will step up to the podium to address the nation.

The US has its first confirmed case on 21 January 2020, and soon after, just like Singapore, the number of cases gradually increases daily.

On 31 January 2020, they started to deny entry for travellers who had been to China in the last two weeks—a move that President Trump’s very proud of.

All the cases before 26 February 2020 were either from the Diamond Princess cruise ship or imported from other countries.


Everything looks to be under control until Wednesday (26 February), when a case of unknown origin was confirmed in Solano County, California.

The California Department of Public Health decided to call a spade a spade and admitted that it could mean the first community spread in the country, and shortly after that, Solano County declared a local health emergency.

On the same day, President Trump went up to the podium to address the nation. He made a few jokes but reassumed people that everything would be fine, and made Vice-President Mike Pence in charge of the nation’s response to the virus.

If you have an hour to spare, you can watch the entire address here (it’s fronted by an ex-celebrity star so it’s of course both entertaining and informative):

And two days later, three more people with unknown origins were infected and they are all from different states.

So what does that mean for the America people?

It’s time to make America great again by locking food up.

People in the US Also Panic Buying Toilet Rolls After 4 Infections of Unknown Origins

South Korea, New Zealand and Italy have all joined the hoarding gangs recently, but even if you combine the population of all these three countries together, it’s still less than 1/3 of the total population in the US.

And that would mean one thing: the hoarding’s going to be cray-cray.

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Because we won’t need Facebook algorithm to predict what’s coming next once irrational fear gets into human beings.

Over in Twitter and Instagram, some people openly showed off their minimart in preparation to stay indoors for 100 to 200 years.

One man in Texas even claimed that he had bought an entire year’s supply in a year, saying, “I just bought an additional year’s worth of food last night. Everyone needs to have a stockpile of food. I wouldn’t even touch stocks (or even gold/silver) before having food in these times.”

And guess what’s popular?

You’ve guessed it right.

If any professor needs an idea for a research paper, maybe he or she can do a study on why toilet paper rolls have become people’s favourite during a zombie apocalypse hoarding session. Is it that important to keep your butt clean?

But moving on, at least now we know something: we Singaporeans aren’t really kiasu or kiasi after all.

It’s just human nature.