Vacuum Cleaner Producer Dyson To Produce Electric Cars in S’pore Coz We ‘Smart Nation’


Everybody knows Dyson, right?

They’re the foremost brand when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners.

Well, now, they’re venturing into a whole new market: the electric car market.

And they’re planning to produce electric cars not in their home country of Britain, not in China, but in Singapore itself.


Dyson Announced New Electric Car Manufacturing Factory in Singapore

Image: Dyson

British technology company, Dyson, announced that they’ll build their electric cars, as well as an automotive manufacturing facility, in Singapore.

The new facility is estimated to be completed in 2020, and the car will be launched one year later in 2021.

So why Singapore when the trend of placing manufacturing facilities in cheaper countries is a viable company strategy?

The reason, according to Dyson, is because we’re worth the money.

While we’re more costly compared to other choices, we also have “great technology expertise and focus”, and they felt that Singapore is “the right place to make high-quality technology loaded machines” and their “electric vehicle”.

What Does This Mean For Singaporeans?

It means jobs. And not just blue-collar jobs.

We’re talking about being on the team to design and build an electric car, a high-technology product that’ll build you up into an outstanding engineer that’ll never go hungry.

Plus, it’s a product that not just Singapore, but Governments worldwide are interested in. Fuel and petrol are getting scarce after all, and whoever figures out a way to make cars that can run on renewable energy gets rich.

And we’re not just saying this.

Dyson is particularly active in going to Singapore schools and inspiring future generations of Singaporean engineers.

Remember, one of the reasons for Dyson locating here is our expertise and focus on technology.

(Yay, Smart Nation FTW)


Which means they’re looking within Singapore, not just for labour, but for our engineers as well.

Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thinks that it’s a good opportunity for Singapore in a recent Facebook post.

Moving Forward, There’ll Be More Of Such Opportunities

Dyson is just one of the many exciting opportunities to come, PM Lee said, and that there’ll be more companies who are attracted to come to settle down in Singapore.

He urged Singaporean engineers to rise up to the challenge and do Singapore proud.


So if you’re wondering what’s a good course to go into, or you’re wondering what to do with your future, engineering might be suitable for you if you’re comfortable with numbers and love to understand how things work in the physical world.

And remember, things can only work out if you’re willing to work hard for your dreams and get it, not just talk about it online and complain until there is no tomorrow #justsaying.

PM Lee once said, it’s either you steal other people’s lunch, or yours get stolen.

Dyson is now getting heavily criticised in Britain, their home country.

The founder was a huge supporter of Brexit back then. But now, he’s choosing not to base his manufacturing operations in Britain and create jobs for British people.

Image: Twitter (@BestforBritain)

Opposition Labour MP Ian Murray, said: “When even someone who claims there will be a resurgence in British manufacturing after Brexit isn’t prepared to put his money where his mouth is, it raises serious questions about the future of our economy and the impact on jobs and livelihoods as a result of Brexit.”

Dyson, on the other hand, said that their decision was based on “supply chains, access to markets, and the availability of the expertise that will help us achieve our ambitions.”


Well, let’s just say that competition is indeed strong, and we should be proud that we won something.