Vicky Zhao Is Apparently A Huge Fan of Li Nanxing & Is Now BFF With Him


Don’t we all have dreams of meeting our idols?

And then maybe, just maybe, we get to be friends with them?

Maybe some local basking singer is dreaming of singing a duet with JJ Lin.

Maybe an aspiring actor is dreaming of filming a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

And I’m dreaming of having a date with Tzuyu.

Image: Tumblr

Sigh, I just have to keep dreaming, I guess.

Maybe some fortunate ones get to see their dream fulfilled.


But I guess being an actress herself does help in that regard.

Who am I talking about?

Get ready for a trip down nostalgia lane.

Vicky Zhao

You’d probably know her better by her Chinese name 赵薇.

You’d also most likely know her from her famous drama series 还珠格格 (My Fair Princess).

Image: Sina

If you don’t know her or what drama I’m talking about, then… it’s obvious I’m getting old.

But the basis is that she’s a famous actress from China.

Also, she doesn’t look like this anymore.

Image: Souhu

She’s grown into a mature beauty now.

Still so ageless and perfect though, isn’t she?

To make you feel even older, she’s currently 43 years old. 还珠格格 was aired over 21 years ago.

But I digress.

It seems that even actors and actresses have their idols.

And Vicky’s is our very own local veteran actor Li Nanxing (李南星).


Avid Fan 

According to The Straits Times, she was a fan of his dramas such as Paint A Rainbow (调色板) as a child in primary school.

Image: Baike

I’m not gonna lie. Even I don’t know this drama. I mean, I was born almost a decade after it was aired.

Looks like I’m not getting old after all. Still very young.

Image: Tenor

But just take a look at Li Nanxing during that period.

Image: Baike

Which lass could resist this hunk?

Image: Mediacorp

This was where I started to watch him.


And just like Vicky Zhao, he was aged like fine wine as well.

Image: Shanwenlianmeng

He’s currently 54 years old and he still puts us young men to shame. Life’s not fair.

Vicky Became Close Friends With Li From Managing Him In China

Vicky Zhao currently manages Li’s acting in China, helping him to look out for opportunities.

This has provided them with an opportunity to forge their close friendship.

They also had a moment of playful banter during their interview, where Li claimed that Vicky was his boss but she quickly argued: “I’m working for him!”


Like true friends, they never pass up on opportunities to tease each other.

Li joked about Vicky’s insane alcohol tolerance, being able to drink three bottles of wine without issue.

Wine is also how they met, as Li met Vicky and her husband and helped her expand her wine business in Singapore.

She remains ever charmed by Li, as she claimed that: “Nanxing was such a charmer on set – so professional, so well-mannered. He’s a favourite among all our female staff.”

I guess dreams do come true for some people.

But for the rest of us, we’ll have to snap back to reality and continue working hard in lives before returning to bed.

Where we can dream our dreams.

Image: Reddit

Only in my dreams…

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