This Video of Child Abuse is So Disturbing, It Garnered Over 5M Views


Yes, we know that we advocate beating of children in order to discipline them, but this is a tad bit overboard.

Now while we don’t know the backstory, we do know that it’s not right.

There’s a thin line between discipline and abuse after all.

Video of Mother Abusing Daughter Went Viral and Garnered over 5m Views

Unfortunately, the video was already taken down from YouTube due to violating of community guidelines, but we’ll try our best to describe it to you.

No matter how our hearts hurt to do so. Okay, not really.





Yelling, Pulling Her Hair and Slapping Her Head


Yes, that was what she did to ‘discipline’ the child. She pointed, she hit and she slapped.


Oh, and let’s not forget her aggressive finger-pointing at a crying and fearful girl.

“Lie down! You lie down!”


If you thought that’s all, you’re wrong.

That object in her hand is a broomstick, which she used not only to threaten, to hit the girl as well.

Hit the Girl on the Arms and Head with the Broomstick


The girl was probably in too much pain to listen to her, which made things worse.

She was seen whacking the girl like no tomorrow in the video and screaming lie down! You lie down!

If She was Ever Seen by Netizens…

She might not be able to make it home in one piece.

One has even written that the video made her want to do inhumane things to the evil person.

Another wrote that he doesn’t care about the context. That beautiful girl has no right to be beaten. She could have broken the little girl’s arms and give her a concussion. Could have killed her. My prayers r being sent to her.


We don’t know what happened to this girl right after but we do hope she’s okay.

Well, all we can say is at the end of the day is…

…parents, don’t try this at home.

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