Video of a Cleanliness Test Conducted on Smartphones Shows How Dirty Our Phones Are


Last Updated on 2022-09-26 , 12:05 pm

Our smartphones are an integral part of our lives. In fact, I’m not kidding if there are people out there who cannot function without their smartphones beside them.

Given how much we use our phones every day, do you ever clean your phone?

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve not done much cleaning besides wiping it on my jeans every now and then.

However, you might find yourself cleaning your phone religiously from now on.

Smartphones could possibly be one of the dirtiest possession we own

I mean, I’ve heard people say that but really, I didn’t really pay too much intention to it.

After all, our phones don’t look dirty at all. And when we ate at McDonald’s, we made sure to wash our hands thoroughly before touching our phones. At least that was how I thought until I saw this study conducted on how clean your phone really is.

And they were right. Our hands come into contact with foreign objects the most, from opening doors, at the toilet, and even handling money.

Since we use our smartphones, it is logical that bacteria will be spread to our phones as well.

Phone Test Conducted by Dr Susan Whittier, Director of Microbiology at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

19 phones were sampled for bacteria and brought to Dr Susan Whittier for examination. Only two out of the 19 phones had no bacteria while a few had some trace amount of bacteria from faeces.

Image: NPR

The dark-coloured spots in the image are bacteria growth taken from the front and end of a person’s smartphone.

Most respondents have also said they use their phones in the toilet all the time.

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Check out the video for yourself:

Do note that bacteria is part of everyday life and you can’t get paranoid about bacteria because it’s everywhere. But it still makes me want to scrub my phone clean.

Guess everyone’s making dirty calls.

How to Clean Your Phone 

Image: Healthline

After seeing how much bacteria can be trapped on your mobile device, here is how you can clean your phone.


Firstly, remove your phone case and power off your phone.

Then, polish your phone with a microfibre cloth—since the fibres have more surface area for trapping dirt and absorb grease better.

After that, use a Lysol disinfecting wipe on every surface of your phone, avoiding the ports. You can then let your phone air dry for at least five minutes.

Lastly, wipe away any leftover moisture.

After you have cleaned your phone, don’t forget your phone case. You can repeat the above steps on your phone case.


You can also watch this video to know more about how to clean your phone:

Featured Image: Healthline & NPR