This Video of People Chasing Snorlax in Taiwan is Even Worse Than Hougang


If you think that Singaporeans chasing after rare Pokemon in Singapore is getting out of hand, then you got to see this.

While Singapore has Hougang Ave 10 and hundreds of people running across the road, a video captured a pretty scary scene in Taipei.

Thousands racing across crowded intersection

In a video uploaded by 亭懿 王 on YouTube, thousands of Taiwanese Pokemon hunters were seen racing across what seems to be an intersection in Xinbeitou district.

It was alleged that a Snorlax was spotted nearby.

Problems of Overcrowding

The Xinbeitou district has become the prime area for Pokemon players to while their hours away. Thousands of Pokemon players have been going to the area to capture exotic Pokemon that often appear in the area.

It got so bad that the civil defence brigade and additional police had to be called in from surrounding areas.

Check out the video below:


Not even a Snorlax can sleep through that.

Featured Image: YouTube (亭懿 王)

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