A New Video Shows How the Serious Accident Along the Causeway Occurred

If you have been keeping up with social media, you would have known about the major accident which occurred on the Causeway on Thursday morning (13 Oct)

It involved two cars and many heavy vehicles, which caused slow-moving traffic on Johor Bahru to Singapore side of the Causeway.

Many photos circulated online, with most of them showing the aftermath of the accidents, so not many know how the accident took place.

However, a video that was recently uploaded to SG Road Vigilantes helps us decipher the accident.

Video Shows What Happened

In the video, a lorry can be seen moving along the left lane at a constant speed even though there were many stationary vehicles.

This eventually led to the lorry banging into the car, which the recorded video came from, and subsequently colliding with another vehicle before coming to a halt.

The lorry did not seem to be stopping down and the reason as to why is currently still unknown.

Photos Show that Car was Wrecked

In the photos that circulated online, it can be seen that the second grey vehicle that the lorry collided with is completely wrecked with the front completely damaged and the back completely crushed by the lorry.

Image: Facebook (Malaysia-Singapore Boarder Crossers)

This initial accident also caused a chain of collision among other lorries at the back.

It is noted that the driver of the grey car, who sustained injuries, was trapped in his seat and was rescued by the Johor State Fire and Rescue Department.

The driver was subsequently transported to the hospital for the necessary treatment.

Caused Delay for Travellers

Due to the major accident, debris was scattered everywhere and the vehicles were not operational.

This led to two out of the three lanes on the Causeway being closed, which eventually led to delays for travellers.

The vehicles involved in the accident were subsequently cleared in two hours.Read also: 

Featured Image: Facebook (ジョホール 息子) & Facebook (张旋彬)