This video shows a merciless man pulling off a beggar’s pants by force

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We hardly see beggars in Singapore going around and asking for money – a situation that is rife in many of our neighbouring countries. Some of them usually sit around and beg for me but there are also those who approach you for money. Most of them are usually disabled, missing arms or legs and wearing tattered clothes – enough to make you sympathise and give money.

In the video below, a beggar in China was seen to be attacked by a passer-by. The passer-by had stood around the beggar, feeling his legs and then forcefully pulling the beggar’s pants. All this while in front of a crowd.



Seems cruel, right? It’s like another typical video of the rich bullying the poor and deliberately making others’ lives miserable.

But well, things aren’t what they seem.

The passer-by had suspected the beggar of fraud and foul play, then proceeded to pull off the beggar’s pants while the beggar tried desperately to move away.



As the passer-by had suspected, the ‘handicapped’ beggar did have legs that were folded in to make it seem like his legs were amputated. After being exposed for his dirty trick, the beggar wheeled himself away using his hands from the scene as seen in the video below.

While we do agree that it is quite a dishonest thing to do, many Facebook users have been quick to comment that the passer-by should have minded his own business and not expose the beggar. Perhaps the beggar had no other choice but to beg. Or perhaps he simply thought begging was easier than getting an actual job.

I’m not sure about you, but most of us will probably feel hesitant to give money to street beggars overseas because of such scams. The beggar in the video has tainted the reputation of other beggars, even if people do sympathise with him. Would you continue to give money to the beggars on the street?


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