(Video) S’pore Boarded Taxi, Smoked in Taxi & Challenged Driver to Call The Police

Nowadays, it really is not easy being a taxi driver. Not only are there massive competition from companies like Uber and Grab, you also have to face the worst in mankind in order to keep your job. 

On Saturday, S, a comfort taxi driver was driving along Middle Road when a man in blue suddenly dashed onto the road and flagged down his cab wanting to go to Redhill. The cab was initially heading towards another passenger who already flagged down the cab before they did. 

The guy was with his friend and a lady. The trio refused to get out of the cab even though the driver told them that he was not heading towards their direction due to shift change. And in order to prevent any physical attacks from occurring, the taxi driver shut his engine and got out of his car. 

And instead of backing off, the trio continued to stay on the taxi and even started smoking. One of the guys then requested S to “Can you take a picture of us?” in the most annoying (and fake) AF angmoh slang ever.

I’m sorry, but there should be a law in Singapore that stops people from using fake angmoh slangs. That is something that you can never fake it till you make it about. 

After smoking, the man in blue then got out of the car, while the other at the back seat went forth and put out his cigarette ashes in the taxi. He refused to get out of the taxi and even challenged the taxi driver to call the police.

Unfortunately, the trio left the scene before the police arrived. The police, too, are not able to take any actions because they did not commit any criminal offense.

Video courtesy of www.stomp.com.sg

But that’s alright because this video of the whole episode going viral is already as good as them committing social suicide. 


Oh and btw, here’s the picture you requested.


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