This Viral Heartfelt MV About Borrowing Money is Funny AF & #SoMuchTruth

I believe that in your life, at any point in time, there will be at least one friend who borrows money from you.

Most times, these friends are simply in a tight spot, needing some help to tide them over till payday.

Then, there are some chao kuan people who borrow money from you. Then disappear.

Want to know how these people typically chut pattern? Then you got to see this MV.


Music Video Made by 在不瘋狂就等死, A Taiwan Facebook Page

在不瘋狂就等死, a funny AF Taiwan Facebook page, created a music video on the topic of borrowing money.

They took the melody from Jay Chou’s song, 不该, and sang out the reasons people who borrow money typically uses.

Things like asking friends out on a fake name, needing the money to tide them over, “bargaining” for the amount of money borrowed.

Even the (highly possible) real reasons they borrowed money for.

And because the original song is a duet by Jay Chou and A-Mei, they had to get a girl into the song who sang about what happens to people who really lend them the cash.

Like disappearing from your life after borrowing money.

You lose faith in that friend of yours.

And how money really hurts a friendship.

Enough of me talking. Check out the hilarious MV for yourself below:

This one no joke, I tell you.

**All images are screengrabs from MV by 在不瘋狂就等死


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