Viral Video of Ceiling Collapse At Jewel Changi Actually Happened At Shanghai


The first thing I told my editor when he asked me to write this article:

Why me?

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Just a few days ago, I was forced to wrote about another #FakeNews: How a viral video of a stabbing at ‘Tampines Mall’ was circulated. In reality, the incident actually happened in Indonesia.

And now, a new episode of #FakeNews has arrived.

We might as well make a TV series of it.

Viral Video At “Jewel”

This time, a viral video of a ceiling allegedly collapsing at ‘Jewel Changi Airport’ was circulated on social media.

It was first posted on Facebook page ‘SG Kay Poh’, here.

The Facebook page’s name could not be more apt.

According to Stomp, the video garnered over 430 shares. Jewel Changi Airport has clarified that the video of the ceiling collapsing was not taken at Jewel Changi Airport.

A Jewel Changi Airport spokesman told Stomp, “We strongly urge everyone to refrain from sharing the video and prevent the spread of fake news.”

I second this, if not East Side will no longer be the best side because Singaporeans will stay away from Tampines Mall and Jewel Changi Airport.

You Can Watch The Video Below:

Huat ah

[NOT SG] Scary sia, if this happened to Changi Jewel how ah?!Time: 25 AUG 2019Location: China Shanghai

Posted by SG Kay Poh on Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The video is frankly quite disturbing. In it, we can see water flowing down from the ceiling.

Me if I was in the mall: *Calls mom* Mummy, it’s raining and I didn’t bring my umbrella.

My mom: Where are you?

Me: In the mall. Got rain inside the mall.


My mom: *hangs up*

Soon, the ceiling gives way and collapses. Thankfully, no one was standing underneath it when the incident occurred.

What Really Happened

According to China Press, the incident occurred on Saturday (23 August) at Vanke Mall in China, Shanghai.

Reports revealed that the collapse of the ceiling was mainly due to a burst water pipe. The mall-goers avoided the water and thus when the ceiling finally collapsed, no injuries occurred.

Don’t anyhowly spread fake news! You will get caught, and die.


Just kidding, you’ll probably just be fined or arrested.