Vivian Hsu Is Now Living in S’pore: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (22 May)

If there’s one thing that people shouldn’t do, it should be narrowed down to this: don’t mess with our food.

After all, Singaporeans live for two things: food and money. And we need money so that we can buy food.

So when someone decides to use a pair of chopsticks to eat chicken rice off a plate, we have to come in and tell you about it.

But before that…Vivian Hsu.

Because some of us in the 90s lived for her #justsaying

Vivian Hsu Is Now Living in S’pore & Loves Wet Markets The Most

If you’re a fan of keeping the old stuff like wet markets instead of switching everything to supermarkets, then you’ll be happy to know you have an ally.

A well-known ally by the name of Vivian Hsu.

Image: Featureflash Photo Agency /

In case you missed it, she’s now based in Singapore and told Straits Times that she loves the wet markets in Singapore.

The stall owners always gave her special treatment and asked her to sing for them live.

And for those who missed her on the screen, she’s going back.


Her three-year-old son is going to preschool and she’s slowly getting back to work.

She has signed a contract for a role in The Tag-along 3, a hit Taiwanese horror movie which will start filming in Taipei next month.

By the way, for all the fanboys out there, she loves Bak Kut Teh the most.

And a secret tip for girls who love eating but wants to be slim.

She doesn’t set a restriction on what she eats, but take a mouthful of her favourite food for the taste.

In other words, moderate lah.

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Buzzfeed’s Tasty Made a Video About Chicken Rice & A Lady Used Chopsticks To Grab Rice

We all love Tasty’s Facebook videos, don’t we? Not only does it make us hungry, it reminds us that we’re the worst cooks in the world.

But this latest video about chicken rice (yay, our chicken rice) might just make you go apeshit.

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Someone Made A Video About SMRT CEO Conversion Course & It’s Going Viral

Watch the video for yourself first.

Ingenious. Amazing. Brillant.

Did this video help restore your confidence in SMRT again?

By the way, this YouTube channel also did the amazing fake news video some time back too.

Former S-League Footballer Dies of Heart Attack While Trying to Save Son’s Life

Nur Alam Shah was in the midst of trying to raise funds for his son’s third operation when he died of a heart attack last week.


A former S-League (now Singapore Premier League) player, he had a 5-month-old daughter who passed away in 2008.

Before his son, Mohammad Royyan, was born, he was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).

This is the same condition that claimed his daughter’s life.

Nur Alam Shah was the sole breadwinner of the family, working as a limousine driver to make ends meet.

His son’s condition require procedures and costly medical treatments so the family had to downgrade to a two-room flat and sell football jerseys.

Royyan underwent two procedures to save his life, an open heart surgery at 25-day-old and an angioplasty surgery in July 2017.

To pay for the cost of the third operation, Alam turned to to raise funds.

Image: Screengrab from

At the time of writing, the fundraising requires another $12,638.65 before reaching the goal of $120,000.

People remembered Alam as a great man who believes in giving to society.

He set up a non-profit Combine Schools Football Club last year to provide free football coaching to kids between the age of 12 and 17.

If you want to help the family and save Royyan’s life, you can make your contributions here.

53 Websites Blocked in Latest Copyright Move Including Pirate Bay

For those who never spend money on cinemas and wait for Blue Ray rips instead, bad news for you.

In the latest counter-attack against piracy, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) managed to get Singapore to ban 53 websites that contribute greatly to piracy in Singapore.

Last month, the Singapore High Court ordered all the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Singapore to block the websites from users.

Singtel, M1, Starhub and MyRepublic and ViewQwest said they have complied with the order.

In total, 53 websites and over 154 unique web addresses are not accessible by Singaporeans since 18 May.

While some felt that this move is ultimately futile as the content can be easily moved to another site, casual users might be stopped from enjoying the services for a while.

Plus, it helps indicate to the users that what they’re doing is illegal.

Not that we don’t already know that.

But they’ve got one thing right, though.

Want to continue enjoying great movies? Pay for them because the artists behind these productions need to eat too.


Anyway, a colleague of mine just realized that he could rent / buy movies via Google Play Movies. So if you’re as mountain tortoise as him, get this: yes, it’s 2018. Paid on-demand streaming is a reality.

Cosplayers Triggered After New Channel 8 Drama Butchered A Well-Loved Character

Mediacorp has a new drama for its 9 pm slot, Babies on Board, or 新生.

It’s a show about pregnancy, and the female lead is a gynaecologist that has a problem conceiving.

Sounds not too bad, right?

Until this happened.


Or to be more specific.


Image: Channel 8 Facebook Page

She was supposed to cosplay as the Snow Miku version of Hatsune Miku, the Japanese fictional songstress, the face of a voicebank software known as Vocaloid.

Her outfit even has the word VOCALOID on it, showing that it’s not an adaption but an attempt to portray the real thing.

So what’s the problem?

Well, the Snow Miku version of Hatsune Miku doesn’t have blue hair.


Instead, she’s supposed to have white hair with two long tails.

Cosplayers are, of course, triggered.

Moral of the story, don’t mess with the cosplayers.

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