Vivian Lai Opens Bubble Tea Shop & There Seems to be Long Queues


Is it a rite of passage for local artistes to start their own F&B?

Because it sure feels like it, as we’ve even did a listicle on the F&B outlets started by celebrities (though that might not be updated now).

As for bubble tea, Nat Ho brought Bobii Frutii onto our shores in 2017.

Clearly, that hasn’t deter our newest F&B contender, and it does seem like she’s had a good start.

Teabrary, Vivian Lai’s New Bubble Tea Store

Moving on from her stint as Pokka’s brand ambassador, Vivian Lai has co-founded a new bubble tea shop, Teabrary, at Esplanade Xchange.

Image: Facebook (Teabrary 小茶識)

(This is Vivian Lai posing with Pornsak. Just in case you forgot what her face looked like.)

The shop’s name, Teabrary, is a blend of “tea” and “library”, a pretty smart way to say that they have a wide range of teas available. The range includes milk tea, fruit tea, cold brew and also, cheese foam tea.

According to their Instagram page, their Jelly series appears to be very popular.

Instagramable, eh? Good if you’re abstaining from the calorie-filled pearls but still want some texture in your drink.


Prices start from $3 and go up to $6.50. Pretty decent, if you ask me.

Apart from the usual plastic cup, Teabrary also sells its drinks in convenient bottles. These look reusable, and you can slip one into your bag and slowly enjoy.

Plus there’s no need to worry about spilling your drink and ruining your day.

Judging from huge crowd on their opening day, I think it’s safe to assume that Teabrary will be a hit among Singaporeans.

So what do you think? After all these tea, will this particular “tea” work out for Vivian Lai? I don’t know about you, but I’m for sure game to try Teabrary’s drinks.

After all, Vivian’s from Taiwan, and bubble tea’s from Taiwan, too.

Esplanade Xchange B1-12 1 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039593

Opening Hours:
10am – 8:30pm, daily