VivoCity SafeEntry Officer Went All Out to Help Kid With ASD & Did Not Humblebrag On Social Media


All we need to do is open up our phones and scroll on social media, be it TikTok or Facebook, and we would see people openly videoing their acts of kindness and uploading it. Why?

Creating content about being kind gets views. It makes them look good. People love to see and commend others being kind because it also makes them look good.

But how many people actually do kind things out of the love and graciousness in their hearts?

One of them in VivoCity.

SafeEntry Into Our Hearts

Recently, a SafeEntry officer from Vivocity has made his way into our hearts when he accompanied and reunited a child back to his caretaker.

It began on a school day when the boy, David, was on his way to school with his helper. The two were separated at Punggol MRT when David loosened his hand from his helper’s grip when the train door was closing.

The helper panicked and motioned for the boy to stay put where he was and she would be back for him.

However, when she got back, David had already “left the platform”. He has taken the train all the way to Harbourfront station, home of Vivocity.

While all that was happening, his helper was still frantically searching for him and reported it to David’s mum and the MRT staff. The staff then reported a missing boy to other stations and starting to look for the missing boy.

And in the meantime…

Saving The Day With WIFI And Noodles

The boy, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), had alighted at Harbourfront MRT and proceeded to walk to Vivocity. This is where Wei Xiang comes into the story.

Wei Xiang is a SafeEntry officer located at the MRT entrance and exit of Vivocity. He had just reported for work when he said David tugging at his colleague so that he could look at the iPad.

He felt that something might be wrong with the boy and tried to find a lanyard that might help him identify David, but nothing was found.

As they waited for news, Wei Xiang tried his best to keep David close to him just in case he wanders off and makes it harder for people to locate him. He even connected the iPad to WIFI to keep him entertained during the wait.

David seemed to be a very expressive boy and motioned that he was hungry. Wei Xiang Googled and showed the boy images of food that might interest him and brought the hungry child to have noodles with money out his own pocket.

Reunited At Last

When David’s mother reached the scene, David was already happily full and entertained. All thanks to Wei Xiang.


David’s mother was too busy with the police taking her statement to close the case and did not manage to thank Wei Xiang properly. She took to a Facebook to share her experience with the kind officer.

Recently my son David went missing on his way to school but eventually returned to safety, thanks to a safe entry…

Posted by Friends of ASD Families on Tuesday, 6 October 2020

So yes: it wasn’t Wei Xiang who posted his actions online to educate Facebook users about the lack of kindness in Singapore (or whatever reason to justify him humblebragging his kindness).

Here’s the thing: there are many Wei Xiangs. They just chose to help without making sure that it went viral.

Be a Wei Xiang.