Dad & Daughter Injured After Seat in Waterway Point Allegedly Collapsed, Causing a Deep Cut

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As someone who likes to take a seat in the mall to rest my legs after walking for what seems to be an eternity, I think it’d be very paiseh if the seat I sat on suddenly collapsed under me.

But for Victor Tan, he did not have the time to feel paiseh as he had to assess his and his daughter’s bodies for any injuries.

Wooden Seat Collapsed Without Warning

Last Thursday (3 Sept) at approximately 8:20pm, a wooden seat at Waterway Point collapsed under Victor Tan and his 16-month-old daughter as soon as they sat on it, reports Shin Min Daily News.

Tan’s shorts were also ripped in places and he sustained multiple injuries, including abrasions, a bruise on his back and an 11-cm long wound on his leg.

Image: Facebook

Tan shared some of the pictures of his injuries as well as the wooden seat that collapsed on Facebook.

Image: Facebook

In the post, Tan warned people (especially the elderly) that the wooden seats could be a potential hazard.

“This sitting platform (without the ‘Do Not Sit’ social distancing sticker, pictured below) collapsed the moment I sat on it with my daughter. I’m 70 plus kg and she’s 11kg.

“I sustained some injures from it. This could have resulted in more serious injuries or even fatal ones especially for the elderly.” Tan wrote.

In a Facebook comment, Tan said that he was most concerned about the elderly as he often sees them sitting in areas with similar wooden seats.

No Major Injuries On Daughter

According to AsiaOne, Tan sat down to clean his daughter’s hand while waiting for his wife. Fortunately, his daughter was sitting on his leg when the wooden seat collapsed and he was able to stop her from falling to the ground.

“I immediately checked if my daughter or I suffered any injuries. There were also some kind members of the public who came to help us,” he told the Chinese daily.

While his daughter didn’t cry or fuss after the fall, she sustained some abrasions, he said, adding that he would keep a close watch on her condition.

You can view his full Facebook post below:

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Response From Waterway Point 

In response to media queries, Waterway Point said that security personnel and service staff had tended to the shopper and accompanied him to receive further medical assistance.

“For the safety and well-being of all shoppers, the wooden seats at Waterway Point’s Village Square have been cordoned off, and we will implement further measures as necessary,” the mall added.

Many concerned netizens on Tan’s Facebook post have expressed their concern for both him and his daughter and also wished for their speedy recovery.

They also thanked him for warning them about this potential hazard.

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