The Way Alibaba Staff Prepare for 11.11 Sales Is Insanely Hardcore


The previously dreaded, but now much-anticipated day is coming soon, in three more days, to be exact.

Previously, 11.11 was known as singles day, a day where people who are #foreveralone take comfort in the fact that there are many people in the same situation.

However, it has since turned into a massive-online-sale-extravaganza which generated more sales than the entire annual revenue of Facebook in a single day. 

The hardcore people behind 11.11

Do you take 11.11 seriously? I’m pretty sure legit online shoppers do. But that’s not all.

Whenever I used to shop online, I’ll think the online companies have it good. After all, everything is automated and they just sit back, relax and take the money.


Given how everyone’s paychecks and bonuses depend heavily on this day, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to make this day work.

And oh, boy, did the folks at Alibaba plan to make it work. They are totally serious about this Friday.


Tents, meals and exercise drills


Yes, you heard that right. They do carry out drills before D-Day. 8 to be exact.

And they work tirelessly to make sure that on the day of the event, they are ready to provide assistance within 1 minute and updates within 5 minutes.


And everyone is prepared to stay overnight at the company.



Four meals are provided a day, along with Redbull and fruits.


Even Jack Ma came for a visit to psyche his employees on for the day.


Think they’re not taking it seriously? They’ve pledged their hearts and soul (okay, more like hair) to the cause.


And their fingernails as well.


I guess the bottom-line is, they’re ready for 11.11. Are you?


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