We Try Visiting A Hair & Scalp Treatment Centre For $40 Nett & It’s Like Going To A Doctor

When you fall sick, you’ll usually go to a doctor for consultation, then the doctor will prescribe a treatment for your illness and administer it for you.

Going to TK TrichoKare is kind of like the same – except that it’s your scalp that’s “fallen ill”, not you, and they’re like hair and scalp doctors.

What Is TrichoKare?

Trichos is the Greek word for hair, and trichology became the official term for the scientific study of scalp and hair health.

TK TrichoKare offers treatment and therapy for the hair and scalp, where most of us aren’t actually aware of its health status.

This includes hair loss treatment and other treatment for dandruff, oily or dry scalp, and the likes.

So if you feel that your scalp starts to get itchy for no reason sometimes, you may wanna go look into it for there may be a bigger problem underneath that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Like, for real, once you see how your scalp looks like, it might scare you.

I’ve honestly never heard of it before, but I kind of wish I did sooner. I’m still constantly touching my hair and it’s already been a day.

But here’s the most important bit – is it worth the amount of money? Read on to find out the opinion of a girl who doesn’t usually spend on her hair.

Hello Hair Doctor

From the outside of the outlet, you can already tell that this is some high class and lavish thing.

Firstly, when I entered during my designated appointment time, I was whisked into a consultation room near the entrance which looks and feels exactly like a private doctor’s office, complete with a desk where information sheets and scalp root replicas sat.

There was even a certificate on the wall proving the consultant as a certified Trichologist. Impressive.


A few minutes later, a friendly trichologist named Pooja came in and asked me questions about my usual diet, the kinds of shampoo that I use, and if I had any allergies or existing scalp and hair problems in a very intensive survey.

She then used a Trichoscan camera to analyse the condition of my scalp, which can zoom up to 200 times so that you can see every single hair follicle crystal clear.

Technology is so amazing nowadays.

The results were then captured and put on a computer screen for reference, and mine looked like this:

Okay, it’s not as bad as I expected, honestly. But can you see the little dandruff flakes and clogged hair roots? Sigh.

As with every consultation, the trichologist will customise a treatment specifically to your needs. Pooja said that it wasn’t much of a problem but she could help to clear the dandruff, and so for me, she recommended the TriOxy treatment, which is an oxygen-based treatment to revitalise hair nutrients and moisture as well as hydrate the scalp.

It has three steps to its process: Oxy Peel, Oxy Jet and Oxy Nutrient.

Trying the TriOxy

Next step: the actual treatment.

I was brought further in to the place where the treatment was going to be administered at, which was just a big space that looks exactly like a salon complete with leather chairs and big mirrors.

They even served me tea and biscuits, which is always a must when you go for these kinds of relaxing services.

Oxy Peel

For the first step, Oxy Peel, it aims to remove dead skin and cleanse the scalp using a special lotion.

A special European herbal scalp tonic (sounds atas already) was applied onto my scalp and massaged in, aimed at cleansing the scalp. Damn shiok.

After that, oxygen was blasted onto my scalp using a special jet, which felt super cooling and refreshing, if you like having cold air blasted at you.

My therapist, Catherine, then asked me to take a rest first, which lasted about ten minutes.

Hair Bath

Five minutes later, she brought me to the washing area where I went through a revitalising hair bath using a special shampoo to restore my scalp’s sebum balance.

Wow, this was even more shiok.

With the sensation of the rush of warm water on my scalp and Catherine massaging my scalp rhythmically, I almost fell asleep while closing my eyes. But after the wash, I could already feel that my hair and scalp was much cleaner than before and felt lighter.

My hair was then blow-dried and combed, much like being in a salon.

They even placed a heated pad on my shoulders to release tension and massaged my scalp again, even extending until my neck and shoulders this time.

It was actually a pretty good move to show customer care at its finest.

Oxy Jet

And now for the best part of the whole treatment – Oxy Jet. Unlike earlier, when the oxygen was just blown onto my scalp, the jet actually is placed against my scalp this time where cold oxygen gets pumped directly onto my scalp.

She placed the jet onto a spot of my scalp and waited for three pulses (which you can actually feel strongly), and then moved on to the next. It was so cold that it actually sent chills down my entire body, but in a good way because it’s refreshing.

I’m not sadistic.

Oxy Nutrient

Finally, it was time for Oxy Nutrient, the last step.

In order to revitalise and rejuvenate my scalp with the nutrition that it needs, a tonic containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and sodium hyaluronate was applied to it.

Furthermore, to top it all off, infrared lights were used on my scalp in a process called Photodynamic Therapy, which is supposed to increase blood circulation and especially of good use in aiding people who have hair loss.

Final Checkup

Similarly, when you go back to the doctors’ after your treatment is over and they need to check up on you, I went back to the same consultation room to meet Pooja again and see how my scalp had improved after just one treatment.

And I was wowed – it actually worked like a charm, from what I could see of my scalp condition now.

Here’s how my scalp looked before and after the treatment:

Where there was dandruff flakes and clogged roots before, there are only hair follicles in its pure form left.

The treatment is definitely effective, seeing as how the results can be seen so clearly just after one session. For more severe cases, they’d usually recommend you to come for more sessions or buy their shampoo to use at home to maintain regularly.

So worth it or not?

Yes, actually.

If you have scalp problems that fall far beyond just hair loss, it’s worth it to try it out once or go for more sessions if your case really cannot make it.

Ah, and for those of you who dye your hair frequently, you definitely need this.

However, if your scalp isn’t crazily peeling and on the edge of going haywire, one treatment is probably enough just to give your scalp the cleanse that it needs.

It feels very satisfying as well, so if you want to try it out just to treat yo self, then go ahead.

After all, our hair and scalp require regular maintenance in order to stay healthy and strong.

GIF: Tenor.com

But-but I’m not rich, you say.

Luckily, There’s A Promotion

There’s a promotion going on for the month of June that is damn worth it.

For $40 nett, you can get a Hair Fall Prevention Treatment AND a set of HairGro ampoule and Hair Care kit, originally worth $745.

Source: Tenor

That’s a crazy good deal and it’s surprisingly very affordable as well.

So if you know someone that are facing hair problems, you know what to get them as a birthday gift. If you love them that much to pay for it, that is.

I have to say, I do love the way my hair and scalp feels and smells now, thanks to the extensive treatment and tonic. It’s like going to a salon, but for healing instead of doing something pretty yet damaging to your scalp.

Watch out, dandruff. Your days won’t last.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with TK Trichokare.