The weather is so damn hot that it’s official: you can cook an omelette under the sun

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Is the weather ever going to become cooler? The sun has been burning as if it wants to melt everyone on the face of the Earth. I don’t intend to be part of that list, which is why I’ve switch my air con to full whack when I’m at home.

Bathing is no longer a daily ritual, but something I’ve come to do at least twice a day. Walking out minus an umbrella is a thing of the past. In every sense of the word. I don’t’ want to have dry skin.


For once, I wish I was staying at the North Pole. There’d be heaps of snow for me to cool myself with, and I’d have free air-conditioning for once. Plus a really neat igloo to call my home. Throw in a polar bear for a pet, and I’d be a happy person.

If you think Singapore’s hot though, the people of India have really got it at a different level altogether. A lady from Telangana decided to demonstrate just how bad the heat there was to the rest of the world.

What did she do? She actually cooked an egg on the ground. There was no other heat used to cook the egg, apart from what the sun was sending over.

The video shows her breaking a couple of eggs and beating them in a small container. With no umbrella in the hot sun.

She pours the egg mixture onto the hard floor, waits for it to cook and even flips it over when it’s done.

Point one for heat waves, and zero for humanity.


She was 100% successful in her attempt to make an omelette on her open porch. There was no fire. No, this is not a David Blaine stunt.

The sad thing about this is that the temperatures in India have hit as high as 45 degrees. More than 100 lives have been lost in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where the woman lives.

The temperature that’s needed to cook an egg is 55 degrees Celsius.

Do you know how long it took for the heat of the sun to cook the egg? No more than five freaking minutes!

The omelette cooking was an experiment, so no one actually tasted the cooked egg. I mean, yeesh, there’d be like 10 food violations on that one cooked omelette alone.

Thank goodness for that!