Wedding Planner Blamed After Unsupervised Kids Ruin Decorations

Play is a natural thing for children. Give your three-year-old toddler a toy car and they’ll ask you you make “Vroom, vroom!” noises with them for the whole day. Give your five-year-old a ball and they’ll wake you up every morning by throwing it at your face.

These little annoyances are cute at home because they’re harmless.

But at a wedding? Not so much.

Pesky kids ruin wedding decorations

In a recent Tweet, @NasirPasir retweeted 2 photos from a wedding planner called KL Wedding Ministry. Nothing wrong with this, except that the tweet went viral with 7.8k retweets.

In one of the photos shared, a kid swings on the strings of a prop that was part of the wedding installation that the wedding planner had done up for a newlywed client.

Image: Instagram (klweddingministry)

This picture was taken by one of the wedding guests at the wedding venue, and caused angry reactions when it resulted in this:


It was fortunate that no one was injured.

The wedding planner, who shared the photo on Instagram, lamented:

“I still don’t understand how some parents will just let their kids run around and play freely. Places that they should play at, they don’t, but places that they should NOT play at, they do. I may not understand because I still don’t have any children but I have organised about 10 weddings in this hall with the same decorations. If incidents like this happen, who do we ask for compensation? In the end, people will put the blame on the wedding planners/decorators and say that the installation was not strong/stable enough, but if the kid swings on the rope until all the props fall then what do we do? Do we need to put in iron piles?”

Some netizens said that the parents should be blamed and not the child. One said that they would put a “No Kids Allowed” sign on their wedding card!

Image: Twitter (@NasirPasir)

Weddings and children go hand-in-hand, as in the occurrence of the first leads to the birth of the other.

However, the little devils should never be allowed to have free rein of the wedding grounds. After all, it’s somebody else’s big day.

You certainly don’t want to compensate angry organizers or the newlyweds-to-be, nor be remembered and resented for life.

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