Weibo Users Mock PM Lee’s Fainting Spell During National Day Rally Speech, Angers Netizens

Ever since Singapore decided to take its own principled stand in the South China Sea ruling dispute by not siding any party, the Chinese netizens have not been pleased with our nation.


In an article by Today Online, Chinese netizens have been seen hurling negative comments towards PM Lee’s brief fainting spell at the National Rally last Sunday.

“There will be a change of leadership in Li Jiapo soon. Expect a change in their national policies.”

The term, “Li Jiapo” refers to Singapore’s name in Chinese, where the “Li Jia” is the direct translation of “Lee Family” in Chinese. The term was coined by the Chinese and has been repeatedly used in China’s social media to mock the Republic.

“For the sake of your health, please do not strain yourself over the South China Sea issue,”

These comments were peppered with sarcastic remarks, hinting at the Prime Minister’s lack of empathy towards China in the South China Sea dispute.

“Do not for a moment think that Li Jiapo has ever been friendly towards China,” wrote a weibo user — China’s version of Twitter — yesterday.

This, of course, angered netizens who spoke up against the Chinese netizens.

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In the National Day Rally on Sunday, PM Lee has also reinforced his decision with regards to the South China Sea issue, stating that Singapore should stand firm on her beliefs and conform with the ruling results.

China is not the first country to refuse to comply with an international tribunal’s ruling, but Singapore must continue to support a rules-based international order, Mr Lee said.

“We cannot afford to have international relations work on the basis that might is right. If rules don’t matter, then small states like Singapore have no chance of survival,” he said.

He also added that the relationship with China is “much broader than the South China Sea”, and that they have many more opportunities to strengthen their friendship and cooperation with each other.

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