Weird Unidentified Solid Found in S’pore Kid’s Low Fat Marigold Milk

Just a week after Malaysia’s Marigold Milk recall, a weird unidentified sold was found in a Singapore kid’s Low-fat Marigold Milk. And like they say – when you take something out, you have to put something back in.

According to a report by Channel News Asia, two-year-old boy in Singapore had already taken a sip of his Marigold Low-Fat Milk before his mother uncovered a strange object in the packet of milk.

It looks like and feels like silver-black fish skin with a large blob of coagulated beige-orange milk solids on half of the fish skin-looking part.


The object was only found when his mother, Joanne, cut open the packet of milk to be poured into her son’s milk bottle – which was lucky for them, if not her son would have chugged down the whole packet of milk without knowing what was in there.

However, Marigold responded to Joanne’s Facebook post on Tuesday that they are currently looking into this and investigating the matter. The company has also followed up with an email regarding the matter and asked for the foreign object for further investigation.

Please be assured that ensuring the highest product quality for our consumers is our priority.

Even though Marigold did offer two packs of milk as a replacement, Joanne has also rejected their offer for obvious reasons. The family is now in contact with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore who is asking questions as well.

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